a quiet day, i was surprised to see snow flurries outside despite temperature being only in the mid-30's. i had thought about going to market basket for some groceries, but when i saw the snow i decided to go tomorrow, when temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's (especially if i'm waiting outside the store in line).

for lunch i made an omelette (ham and onion) with a slice of avocado toast toasted in a toaster.

i finished watching shadow in the cloud (2020), a rather unusual american-new zealand historical action horror set in the pacific during WWII. it stars chloe grace moretz as maude garrett, a female flight officer who's stuck in the ball turret of a flying plane for the first hour of the film, as she has to listen to the sexist talk of the other pilots over the intercom. it almost felt like a single character movie, or a play. also for some reason there's an actual gremlin destroying the airplane while it's in the air and when maude sees it, nobody believes her (very twilight zone nightmare at 20K feet with william shatner). when she finally does get out of the turret, the movie goes into action mode with a modern synth-rock soundtrack for the remaining 20 minutes.

for dinner i warmed up a container of leftover frozen pasta sauce (from back in november) i had in the fridge along with a cup of rotini pasta. i ate late, well after 10pm.

i spent the evening monitoring the georgia senate runoffs, with poll stations closed at 8pm. like the general election, it was a real roller coaster ride. both the democrat senate candidates were losing at first, but as the evening wore on, they started gaining on their republican opponents. by the time i stopped watching, warnock had the lead over loeffler and ossoff wasn't far behind perdue (the numbers wavering anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand).

by the time i finally went to bed at 2am, warnock had been declared the projected winner and ossoff had a 10K+ lead over perdue. the remaining uncounted votes were from overwhelmingly democrat-leaning counties, so ossoff's lead will only increase. democrats did it: they actually won the senate tonight.