after some jiu niang soup and scallion bread for lunch, my father helped me jack up the motorcycle in the garage. this is so the wheels don't get deformed for the next 5 months while the bike is in storage. i stupidly removed the battery before i could start up the engine and drain the remaining fuel in the carburetor. i ended up reinstalling the battery just so i could start the engine. the bike also did a weird thing where the chain was running even though it was in neutral gear. perhaps this is normal but i never noticed it before because i've never turned on the bike while it was elevated, it's always been on the ground. afterwards i set the battery indoors on the desulfator charger to keep it maintained during the winter. with that the 2020 riding season officially comes to a close. true, the bike had already been in the garage for weeks, but not until i jack it up and remove the battery does it go into storage mode.

my mother was streaming some recently released korean film from a chinese streaming site on the imac. it had some serious stuttering issues because there were so many ads on the page. strangely, when my father visited the same link, he never saw any ads. that's when we figured out it's because i installed an ad-block on his macbook pro. once i did that on the imac, the stuttering issue was gone (even on full screen), so were the ads. not just ads showing up on the page, but also embedded ads within the video stream itself.

i wanted to fly the drone but the sky looked grey and temperature was only in the 30's. there was little wind but i didn't know when it'd starting raining/snowing.

i helped my father research 3.2V LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries and power inflators. the hose on our 100psi hotdog air compressor has cracked and needs replacing, but there exists electric powered portable inflators. the one from ryobi that's compatible with our existing batteries is just $32.

it was already snowing during the patriots-jets game that started at 1pm. soon after it started snowing in belmont as well. not enough to stick to the roads or sidewalk, but it did accumulate a bit on the grass. snow i didn't mind, as long as it wasn't rain. new england beat new york, 28-14. even though we could barely score a touchdown in the past few weeks, we managed to score 4 touchdowns today, including a nifty play were wide receiver meyers threw the ball to cam newton for an easy touchdown. the patriots played like they should've been playing all season, against a jets team that had already checked out (2-13), with everyone saying their couch will be fired next week and maybe lose their quarterback as well.

after dinner i rode back to cambridge. my father offered me a ride but conditions weren't too bad, at least the roads were clear. only when i got home did i realize i forgot to take the leftover scallion bread and pineapple cakes my mother had prepared for me.

my new nightly reading book is operation thunderbolt by saul david, about the hostage rescue of flight 139 by israeli special forces in 1976. it'd been on my list for a while, but other books got in the way. it's a pretty good read, goes fast, i kind of a have recollection of hearing about this rescue mission, but i've purposely tried to avoid looking up anything to avoid spoilers.