walgreens left me a message saying my prescriptions were ready for pickup. when i went down there sometime after 12pm, they only had one prescription ready. i'm willing to cut them some slack, the day after new year's day. i told the pharmacist i'd come back either tomorrow or monday.

i didn't make it to belmont until 12:40pm. my sister surprised everyone with dimsum takeout from joyful garden in watertown. i had chicken feet, tripe, century egg rice porridge, and charsiu bun.

i helped my father fill out the online form for the massachusetts small business pandemic relief grant. we have all the paperwork with the except of a business certificate ("doing-business-as"). i've never even heard of that before. you can get it from city hall, but the problem is it has to be done in-person and due to the coronavirus, visits have to do done by appointment, and the earliest open slot is the final week of january, but the grant paperwork is due mid-january. so i have to make some calls on monday to see if cambridge city hall can file a DBA without the wait time.

we continue to find mealybugs in our small potted jasmines. i even found some on one of our larger jasmines in the grow room. so i moved out the infected jasmine (before it could infect any more plants). my father and i set up a makeshift table in the living room with the southern window for 3 potted jasmines. i also sprayed neem oil extract on the pepper plants which have started to get more aphids, as well as the cactus tips. my father used q-tips and alcohol to spot treat any mealybugs he saw on the jasmines.

after sunset i went out and flew the drone. i was hoping to see a pretty sunset, but maybe i waited too long because the sun was pretty much set by that point. i flew a short 1.59 km loop before returning home. with the most recent firmware updates, i haven't lost connection in my 2 most recent flights. it could just be a coincidence, but i like to think DJI managed to squash some connection issue bugs. it look me a while to land because it got dark enough that i couldn't spot my drone in the sky and i didn't want it to come down into some trees.

my parents made another scallion bread for dinner, proofed in the instant pot for 1-1/2 hours. we had bread instead of rice. i felt a bit of chill and wore my jacket while we had dinner. i returned home a bit after 7pm.