my furnace only fired for a few minutes this morning. this has been a problem for a few days but i haven't really noticed because it wasn't that cold until this morning. i checked the app and saw the nest thermostat thought there was nobody home. the problem was it wasn't connecting with my phone anymore because the location permission had changed. i changed it so the nest app had full permission to check if my phone was nearby. that seemed to have fixed the problem and the furnace burned up 65°F.

i did some vacuuming today, the house is just too dusty. it was enough of a workout that i almost broke out in a sweat.

i made some jiu niang soup for lunch. what took the longest was making the glutinous rice balls. i used a cup of rice flour then added a cup of hot water. i quickly realized that was not the right portion (should be 2:1 flour to water), so i had to add another cup of flour to make dough instead of sludge. i had way more dough than i needed, but figured i could make some extra rice balls and freeze them so i'd have them to use for next time. i cooked the rice balls separately, and added them to the smaller pot of water where i was cooking the egg and the fermented glutinous rice. i used one of the oldest jars, the one with half sour jiu niang. it tasted sweet from the jar, but when added to the soup it was too sour so i had to add a teaspoon of sugar to balance it out.

in the late afternoon i went to walgreens to use up my $3 worth of points before it expired by year's end. i bought two bags of peppered beef jerky ($8, $5 after coupon). temperature was in the upper 30's and the sky looked clear enough for potential drone flying, but it was very blustery and felt much colder than it actually was. another time perhaps. i stopped my star market on my way back and picked up some chips and a bag of salad. returning home, a found of box of freebies, grabbed a wall clock and a cooking guide titled "what's a cook to?".

i wasn't very hungry in the evening so i just ate half a bag of salad with italian dressing, finished it off with some clementines and black tea. the salad didn't last me very long, and later in the evening i became hungry again, so i fixed myself a nissin cup of noodles.