i didn't go to sleep until 4am last night (reading susanna clarke's piranesi), so you will forgive me when i tell you that i didn't wake up until after 12pm on christmas day, the latest i've ever slept. there was supposed to be torrential rain overnight and i thought the sound would wake me up for sure but i slept through all that. when i looked out my living room window this morning, most of the snow from a week ago had melted with the temperature today going as high as 63°F here in cambridge.

i went out for a short walk, to fulfill some pokemon obligations (keep my pokestop streak alive), but also to see for myself which places were closed (the answer: all places). i realized my stupid upstairs neighbors left the basement lights on, which had probably been on since wednesday.

it's day 2 of my batch v6 2020-12-23 jiu niang fermentation. it's on course to be ready to eat by tomorrow afternoon. the jars have already filled up with liquids, but not enough to completely float all the glutinous rice grains yet. i wanted a way to photograph the myceliums inside the jars, which lead me to take out my external flashes. it took a bit of experimenting but i finally got a few okay shots. i put the jars on a box to hide the external flash firing from behind them. it's the fungus that makes the rice sweet. it'd be even cooler if i had a working microscope where i could see the yeast, which is what turns the sugar into alcohol.

i didn't start making my lunch until almost 3pm, one final ham egg guacamole sandwich. the extra thing i added this time around was the capers. i finished it up with a pomelo. i was going to eat it last night but was afraid it'd interact with my high blood pressure medications, so i waited until this afternoon. it was definitely worth it, super sweet and super fragrant, you wouldn't know it from looking, since it looked like a sour green grapefruit.

even though i don't celebrate christmas, it wasn't a work day either; i wasn't productive at all for most of the day, watched a few videos, surfed the web. later in the evening i did fill a few august blog posts, but overall it felt more like a saturday than a friday. for dinner i finished the rest of the leftover christmas ham. not feeling i had enough, i also had a korean cup of noodles and some clementine oranges.