my father came to pick me up a bit after 10am after he went to get the car inspected. we went to the restaurant depot in everett to pick up some takeout containers, then to bianco & son sausage in medford to buy two boxes of chinese sausages. i'd never been to the sausage shop, it's very well hidden behind the kappy's store. we got there right in the nick of time before they closed at noontime. we then stopped by the cafe to unload the supplies before finally going to belmont a bit after noontime. it was raining throughout, not good weather at all.

my mother made rice noodles soup for lunch with the leftover spicy chicken feet broth from two weeks ago. i brought along my fermented glutinous rice so my parents could have a taste. they had a jar in the fridge that'd been fermenting for weeks. their's was much sweeter, hardly any liquids. mine was still sweet, with a sour note, and a lot of rice had disintegrated. my father suggest i jar the glutinous rice while the grains are still slightly firm and let them continue to slowly continue ferment in the fridge for an even sweeter jiu niang. he said if i put my jiu niang in the fridge when i get back, it could still have a chance to get sweeter.

despite the bad weather, a few packages managed to arrive this saturday: my mother's pink kipling seoul laptop backpack, joyoung electric baking pan, and a bluetooth FM car transmitter.

sometime after 3pm it started to snow. not just a flurry, but big dramatic clumps of snow falling fast from the sky. it looked pretty ominous, and i wondered if i should've just stayed home today, because if it kept snowing like this, i'm not sure if i could get back to cambridge safely. i went out into the backyard to pick up some wind-blown yard equipment and to take some slo-mo videos of the falling snow.

after dinner my father gave me a ride back to cambridge. there wasn't as much as snow as i'd originally feared, much of it having turned to slush because of the transition back to rain. the town and city road crews were very good at clearing the streets for the most part, they must've been itching for work after we barely had any snow last winter.

while my father stayed in the car, i went inside the house to bring out a few things: eggs, kimchi, yeast, and my honeywell air purifier. i took from the car the 8 quart instant pot that was in the cafe basement that my parents have pretty much never used after getting it a few years ago. i almost left my keys back in belmont, so i had to go retrieve my hidden key to get into the house. i was wearing my old pairs od merrell hiking shoes which i know for a fact are no longer waterproof; stepping through slush puddles, my socks were all wet. i shoveled the slush from the sidewalk before finally coming inside.

after using the bathroom and taking a hot shower, i settled down for the night. i watched the latest episode of the mandalorian. during the late evening news, all the meteorologists were saying what went wrong with their forecast, since the prediction was for much more snow that didn't materialize. higher elevation of worcester and central massachusetts got a snow dump, but on the east coast the snow all turned to slush then washed away by the rain.

feeling a bit hungry, i fixed myself a cup of noodles while watching a new saturday night live with justin bateman as the host. i'm going to try and get to belmont early tomorrow to clear the slush from our solar panels but i'm hoping much of it will have washed away by tomorrow.