because of the rain today, i opted not to go to belmont but stay home instead. i went to bed last night at 3am but didn't wake up until almost noontime as i had nothing going on today and the dreary grey weather was conducive to staying in bed. i'd also not been getting some good night sleep (completely my fault for sleeping so late), so this was a day to recharge.

i finished the last of my turkey rollups for lunch. i still had some turkey left which i used up later in the day for dinner. i didn't really do anything constructive other than submit the online form for the victualer/entertainment license for the cafe. i also resubmitted my unemployment benefit application, it's been more than a month since i last submitted but i haven't heard back. i checked the website and resubmitted the form, hopefully it'll go through this time. i also continued to retroactively fill in photos for past blog entries. i finished october, just need to do thanksgiving and i'll have november done as well. that still leaves june through september (4 months).

i few the DJI mini 2 drone inside my house today. i thought i could shoot some cool interior footage of the drone flying through the various rooms. in practice that would not be the case. because i was indoors it wouldn't allow me to fly initially, but i disabled the warning. not sure if it was because it didn't have the gps satellites to help it stay stationary, but once the drone was up in the air, it had a tendency to drift a little bit. there was enough drifting that i was afraid to fly it through the doorway for fear of hitting the doorframe so i meant inched my way through the house. i know they have propeller guards for the mini 2, it'd be worth getting, but flying indoors in confined spaces is just too risky. second, oh the downdraft from the drone! it created such vortices that dust buns on the ground were being lifted up in the air. it was so bad that after i finished flying i went through the house and vacuumed since it revealed how dusty my place was.

i made some ramen for dinner. instead of an egg, i dumped in all the thanksgiving leftovers: turkey meat, pork ears, tripe, pickled mustard greens. it was actually pretty good, like a professionally-made bowl of instant noodles. i'm just glad i was able to finish all the leftovers without it going to waste.

later in the evening - in the pouring rain - i went outside to leave a pokemon at a nearby gym. i had on my mask this time, but i totally forgot that massachusetts has a curfew after 10pm, that's why there were nobody else out on the streets (the bad weather also had something to do with it), other than a few city road crew trucks driving around look for wind damage i guess. that also reminds me that earlier today frances held a 3rd raid for a mesprit. this time around - after winning the raid - i finally managed to catch the mesprit. she asked if i'd seen any azelf - a legendary pokemon found only in north america - but i hadn't.