i woke up around 8:30am so i could get ready for my sister to come pick me up at 9am. it was pouring rain outside, but even if it wasn't, i needed a ride anyway to bring the 16 servings of flan i made. i was surprised when my sister arrived right on time.

after she dropped me off at our parents' place, she went back home because she had more baking to do. typically thanksgiving cooking wouldn't start until after lunch, but because my parents' needed to get all the food prepared by 12-1pm, they had to start early. they were waiting for me with my online turkey roasting directions: 325°F in a convection oven for 2 to 2-1/2 hours. this year we had two turkeys: one for our relatives, one for ourselves. we cooked the one for our relatives first, divvying up the turkey amongst them: there was my aunt and uncle in arlington, my 2nd aunt and uncle in west cambridge, and my sister's godmother living in the apartment above my sister's place (my sister picked her up from the train station just yesterday).

at one point i accidentally smashed another of my mother's corning casserole dish. it didn't fall very far, just a foot, but that was enough to shatter it. my mother was surprised because normally those corning dishware are pretty durable. my mother swept up the pieces and my father told me to wear slippers, but i only do barefeet and sure enough, i managed to step on a shard of ceramic. i ended up having to put a bandaid on my foot after pulling out the ceramic splinter and it started to bleed.

while my parents were busy preparing the food - my father making the chunbing ("spring pancakes" using the electric tabletop crepe maker they borrowed from binbin's place) while my mother made the side dishes including the fried spring rolls - i had very little to do myself. i moved some stuff into the basement and tried not to break anymore items. i did some more research on potential phone choices for my mother. the lead candidate was the google pixel 4A 5G for a while. i was hoping for a black friday discount of some sort but because the phone just came out a few short weeks ago, no way was google going to reduce the $499 price. that's when i took another look at the samsung S9+. i believe this was the phone both sandy and kelvin were using when they stayed here back in the winter of 2018. the S9+ was samsung's flagship phone from early 2018, nearly 3 years ago. even at that age (3 years is a long time for electronic devices), it still has features that beat a lot of current midrange phones: super AMOLED display, OIS cameras (wide and telephoto), stereo speakers, snapdragon 845, FM radio, fingerprint scanner, face-detection, wireless charging, NFC, headphone jack, SpO2 sensor, IP68 waterproof. the only thing i didn't like was long form-factor of the phone and how there are black bars on the top and bottom (as compared to modern phones, which are now entirely screen, with a cutout for a selfie camera).

every half hour or so i'd coat the turkey skin with the fat drippings, to keep it moist. at noontime - after 2 hours and 10 minutes of roasting - we stuck a heat thermometer into the breast to get a measurement of only 150°F. we decided to cook it for 20 more minutes. the thermometer only went up to 156°F but by that point we decided to take the turkey out of the oven, didn't want it to get too dry. by then it was 12:20pm.

my father started carving up the turkey, filling boxes with slices of meat. later my mother took a crack at it, stuffing the boxes with as much turkey as possible. there was still a lot of meat left but i didn't eat any of it except for a small sample piece. our turkey would come later in the day. so while our relatives eat turkey for lunch, we're only eating it for dinner.

the final piece of the turkey takeout were the fried spring rolls. those had to be eaten fresh while they're so hot, so the moment they're done, my father called my aunt to come pick them up. she called back to let us know they'd be a little late. turns out the reason was they were grilling some barbecued shrimps to give us and waiting for them to finish cooking. they came a little bit after 1pm, got the turkey package (a box and a bag) and left. my parents continued frying more spring rolls before my mother and sister left to deliver them to my 2nd aunt and my sister's godmother.

only after that were my parents able to relax for a few hours.

at 3:30pm we started back up. into the oven went the second turkey, timed so it'd be ready to eat by 6pm. my father started making the second batch of chunbing. he took a brief break to fry some spring rolls with my mother (my mother would wrap them while he fried them) and eat said spring rolls, before going back to chunbing making.

we stopped roasting the turkey by 6pm. a meat thermometer inserted into the breast shot up to above 165°F (170° is the done point). my father carved up the turkey, only removing enough for us to eat, leaving the rest on the bird.

i ate 3 turkey rollups, which is a good number; normally i'm full by 2 rollups. afterwards we had dessert: besides my flan, my sister also made some sweet potato pie. she used japanese purple sweet potatoes but only had one so there was no purple color, more like light brown. we finally left by 8pm, my sister giving me a ride back to cambridge.

later in the evening i did some black friday shopping even though it wasn't black friday yet. i first started by deciding to get the renewed samsung galaxy S9+ for my mother ($289). i also added a 256GB samsung EVO select microSDXC memory card ($24.99) and a S9+ glass screen protector ($10.39). immediately afterwards i bought the DJI mini 2 more combo ($599). it too was also introduced recently, so there won't be any discounts, so might as well get it now so i can maybe get it by this weekend and play with it a little bit.

still later, i found a deal on walmart for a 22-piece t-fal cookware set for $49. it seemed too cheap to be true, so i spent a long time researching the cookware and all the sets i found were $100+. i debated long and hard but finally decided to get it, figuring i could always return it if i didn't like it. i wanted to get black because stains wouldn't be as noticeable, but was surprised when they were all sold out already. they did however still had the red cookware set. red seemed a little too flamboyant, but i'd had red cookware before. besides, at that price it was a steal. it'd mean i could finally stop using my old pots and pans that've been scratched up by past roommates and all the non-stick coating are coming off that every time i cook something i feel like i'm going to get cancer. replace the old set with these and maybe take my time looking for something better for when these new cookware start going bad themselves.