typically the days leading up to thanksgiving involves a lot of cleaning. not having guests over this year means we don't have to do any of that, which leaves me with a lot of free time and a lot less stress. still, thanksgiving is nevertheless essential because it forces us to clean the house once a year; without thanksgiving, my parents' place would get progressively cluttered and messy.

with thanksgiving just tomorrow, i'm still trying to eat light. for lunch i had a very sour (mostly likely expired) blueberry greek yogurt. i got hungry enough in the early evening to have a nissin instant cup of noodles. i remember i didn't like it the first time, but i think it was because i was using lukewarm water. this time around i used boiling water, and the noodles came out great, very similar to maruchan, i could hardly tell the difference. then for dinner i made another indomie mi goreng noodles with a poached egg.

i went out just once today, to star market to get some chips on sale. before that i rang renee's doorbell because she needed my help switching her phone. turns out it was a bit more complicated, as she's going onto her son's family shared plan with her new phone. i told her better to get it done at the local sprint office. i did help her put the phone in a new case, after i finally figured out how to open it.

anyway, there was a traffic jam on beacon street, caused by the pileup of people trying to buy pies at petsi's and car traffic going in and out. it was such a mess, i turned right around, but not before taking a few snapshots. i couldn't tell how crowded star market was, but there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, and i just assumed it was busy and decided it wasn't worth the risk.

not like i don't have things to eat in the house: i baked a package of hazelnuts. it's the perfect snack because it takes a bit of work to get to each kernel, preventing me from just eating the whole thing. only negative is the shells have a tendency to spray everywhere, i later i find hazelnut shells on the carpet.

frances asked me if i wanted to do a remote raid with her in oslo, to capture a mesprit. she invited so many people, we won the raid especially. i had 14 pokeballs to use on the mesprit, all of which failed. frances was kind enough to set up a second mesprit raid. once it was defeated, i was given 15 pokeballs this time. once more, i failed to capture the mesprit. the only good thing that came out of that is i used the screen recording feature on my pixel phone, recorded the final 40 seconds before failed miserably. the recording even captured me using some saucy language cursing the pokemon.

i spent the day retroactively filling in old blog posts with photos. i finished november, almost done with october. it'd be a lot easier if i could do it with a GUI but i'm doing it old school through HTML.

because it's raining tomorrow, i told my sister to come get me in the morning at 9am. i need to get to my parents' place early so we can roast the first of two turkeys. the first turkey is for our relatives, with food delivery around noontime. our own turkey we won't roast until around 2pm. my mother said my father was dead tired today after spending the whole day chopping up food and preparing the "takeout thanksgiving" for our various relatives.