today was street cleaning on the other (my) side of the street but they didn't start until the early afternoon. that gave me enough time to go outside and rake the sidewalk leaves onto the street. i also put on my new 2021 registration sticker (yellow). for lunch i heated up 4 pieces of leftover ribs. these were the end pieces that contained a lot of pork fat and afterwards i felt a little gross.

michael called me today, told me my glasses were finally ready. i went to his shop by 1:30pm. my normal pair of glasses (using the old frame) were ready weeks ago; what was taking so long was the new pair of transition lense glasses. the lenses were being held up in customs, so michael ended up going with a different supplier to get these lenses. michael made some adjusted to get these new glasses to fit on my face a little better. i ended up staying and chatting for nearly an hour before finally leaving.

riding my back home, i didn't really notice any dimming of my transition lenses. it was a cloudy day and i figured maybe the reason was because there wasn't enough sunlight. but when i rode by cars and saw my reflection in the windows, the lenses were dimmed, just not totally black. i can't wait to try them out on a sunnier day, so if i notice any dimming.

i went to star market to get some snacks: doritos and ice cream. i loaded up my account with coupons and only paid $5 for the haul.

i started watching the queen's gambit, after hearing so many good things about it. it was a show i was already prepared to watch the moment i saw the trailer, but it floated to the top of my watchlist after i kept on seeing mentions of it online. i'm almost done with the first episode, it's really good, can't wait to see the rest.

for dinner i made some white cheddar shells, added a handful of frozen chopped spinach for added nutrition. i finished it off with some black tea and an apple.

it was trash night tonight, and i finally tossed out some sauerkraut i made back in march. i kept one jar because it didn't taste so bad (and there seemed to be some fresh kraut at the bottom of the jar), but i'll probably toss it as well eventually.

in the late evening i set up the second eufy 2K indoor camera, figured it was useful enough that i wasn't going to return it. i set it up so it was perched on the middle of my bay window looking out onto the street. i turned off night vision because the infrared led's created a blinding glare on the window; but what's amazing is without those led's the camera is still sensitive enough to record the street in excellent visibility. one thing i noticed though is the human detection doesn't seem to be work when it gets dark, even though from the video feed it still looks bright enough. i upped the sensitivity to maximum but it still wasn't able to detect any humans. so in the end i turned on continuous recording; when set to continuous recording it only saves in 1080p, not 2K, so not to overburden the camera too much.