i thought it'd only rain later in the day but when i woke up this morning it was already wet outside. i kept my eye on the weather as i ate the rest of my leftover italian sausages. by that point the rain seemed to have stopped for the time being, with a brief window where i could go down to chinatown for the 3rd consecutive day.

so i left by 1:30pm. despite being cloudy, it was also cold, with temperature in the 50's. i wore a long-sleeved shirt but a light jacket over that. i also readjusted the tilt of my bike seat, it had a tendency to slope downwards, which makes an uncomfortable ride. newly adjusted, the seat felt a lot better.

it took me half an hour to get to ming's market. i even stopped briefly in beacon hill to take a few photos of the gaslights with my panasonic lumix. besides the suancai for my mother (deer brand), she also asked me to get some pad thai noodles (3 green elephant brand). i also scored some discounted dragon fruits at a $1 a piece; they were going bad but an overripe dragon fruit is when they're the tastiest. checking out, i wonder if the cashiers even recognize me at this point, "hey, isn't that the guy that was here yesterday and the day before?" if they did they didn't say anything, and i certainly didn't remember any of them either.

i left chinatown by 2:30pm. i checked the weather, there was a slight chance of rain around 4pm. instead of going home, i biked the 6.4 miles to the cafe to drop off the supplies. we tried the dragon fruits (2 yellow, 1 red): the yellows were amazingly sweet, the red was meh at best.

the first thing my mother told me when i arrived at the cafe was that my california cousin zhouke's wife "got it too." for some reason i thought she meant she got unemployment benefit, but she meant the coronavirus. apparently she contracted it from her own mother and now their whole family is freaking out because they've been visiting one another before it happened, so now everyone's getting tested.

maybe it was the dragon fruits (which have a laxative property), or maybe it was some of the mints i ate that contain artificial sugars: whatever it was, later in the evening i developed some explosive diarrhea. i think the official designation is "watery stool" but it felt like a fire hose of fecal matter coming out of my posterior. i called my parents to see if they were experiencing the same thing, they said they were fine, so i guess i'm the lucky one.

i had more pasta for dinner, i don't think i can eat it again, i'm kind of sick of it at this point. i'm going to freeze the rest of the pasta meat sauce (1 serving remaining) and eat something else tomorrow.

i discovered something last night: amazon prime now has all 3 seasons of 80's spenser for hire with commercial interruptions. i might've seen bits and pieces of it when i was a kid, but the storyline was too sophisticated for me to understand. watching it now though, it's like a love letter to the city of boston (where it was filmed on location), but also like a time machine to the 1980's.

i bought a few things off of amazon: 4 BN-LINK smart plugs ($18.19) and a taotronic bluetooth transmitter/receiver ($36). the transmitter is so i can broadcast my tv audio to the bose speaker i've placed on top of my bookcase to drown out the tv noises from my upstairs neighbors. the way i've been doing it the past 2 days is playing youtube tv from my computer and transmitting it to the speaker that way via bluetooth. i don't know how well the transmitter is going to work (latency issue is something i'm concerned with) but if it doesn't work i can always return it. as for the smart plugs, it was such a bargain i just had to get them. i may end up gifting them to others, like maybe my sister as a birthday present.