i biked to market basket this morning to get some steaks, so i could prove to my mother that a steak tastes better when cooked on a barbecue than in a pan. i almost never my steaks so i knew nothing about what was good or not, just basically guessed, got 2 pieces that were medium-priced (with some marbling), and 1 piece that seemed to be a cheap cut (lean). i bumped into my neighbor jen, who asked me how it was going. i thought it was the usual greeting, but apparently she meant how i was doing in regards to the election news. apparently it was quite boisterous here in cambridge; in belmont there was nothing.

there was a bit of yard work to be done at my parents' place. today was a good day for it as it was still unseasonably warm. i got called in for some wonton soup for lunch before my father and i went outside. i tilled raised beds 1, 3, and 4. my father dumped a wheelbarrow full of compost into each beds. we made a temporary fixed the corner of RB4 while had been falling apart by screwing in an L-bracket. my father mowed the maple leaves and dumped that and the grass clippings into the newly started compost bin.

afterwards i rake the front lawn of dead leaves. all these leaves were from neighboring trees as we no longer have a tree of our own on the sidewalk ever since the city chopped down the diseased maple earlier this year.

i was finally done by 3pm. i washed my feet in the tub since they were covered in dirt from wearing crocks outside while gardening.

my pair of eufy 2K indoor cameras arrived today and i had a chance to test one of them. so right away i could see the mount could be an issue. unlike the wyze camera which is fitted with a standard camera thread mount, the eufy camera is permanently attached to its plastic mount. it took a while to actually set up the camera because the wifi in the house went down and i had to reset the modem and the router. when the network was back up, i managed to pair the eufy to the app. the difference in detail between 2K versus 1080p is startling. the eufy also seems a bit wider compared to the wyzecam. other than the base, the eufy is the better camera. i imagine in a future version they'll address the mounting issue.

approaching dinnertime, i helped my father grill some pork chops on the barbecue; we're having pork chops tonight, saving the steaks for tomorrow.

after dinner i returned home. i'm starting to dread evenings because that's when steve and paul start blaring their television sound. so far i've been able to contain my annoyance but eventually i'm going to reach a breaking point and complain to them again. i watched sunday night football, a rematch between tom brady and drew brees. the buccaneers lost to the saints in their first game, and history would repeat itself as tampa bay lost again tonight. brees was every way the better quarterback tonight, with a final score of 38-3. it was the first game where brady was reunited with antonio brown, who seemed ineffective. patriots play tomorrow versus the winless jets.