i woke up at 7am to check the latest election news on my phone. biden seemed to be gaining on trump in wisconsin and michigan once they started counting the early mail-in votes. i tried going back to sleep but was too worried, kept waking up intermittently to check the news. i finally got out of bed by 9am once the heat kicked in.

i spent the day monitoring the news. using 270towin.com, i was able to figure out that if biden won AZ, NV, WI, and MI, he wouldn't need PA to get to 270. he currently lead in all 4 of those states. this would later be one of the talking points on all the news channels.

i made some avocado toast for lunch. in the afternoon i took another trip to market basket to get a few things i didn't get yesterday (trash bags, drain-o, chicken sausage). i bought another bunch of kale and made kale chips when i got home.

as the day wore on i began to feel more optimistic about biden's chances. some news outlet already called AZ for biden (AP and fox news). later in the day he won WI and MI. NV reminds undecided but it was leaning blue and almost everyone considers it a democratic state. that means unofficially biden has already reached 270. if he can win PA, or NC or GA, he'd solidify his position. trump on the other hand was being trump: suing to stop the count in states where he was winning (WI, MI), making sure to count all the votes in the states where he was losing (AZ). now it's just a matter of time but things look good for biden.

for dinner i did a repeat of last night's dinner: rice, pork chops, kimchi.