after changing all the clocks in the house (turning it back one hour), i went to bed last night. the first night of any time adjustment is the hardest, as the body adjusts. i kept waking up intermittently thinking it was late but it was actually early thanks to the time change. but i still got tricked, because i thought i slept until 11am when it fact it was only 10am. the time on my mi fit band didn't update for some reason. i tried synching it with the old watch face but ended up changing it to one i didn't want - and the clock was still wrong. then i realized i made a grave error, as mi band custom watch face apps don't work with android 11 with its protective scoped storage protection (one app can't save into director of another app). it made me yearn for the days of android 10, when i didn't have any of these problems. after half an hour of searching i finally found a solution to manually change the watch face by preloading bin files into the mi fit app directory.

we were going to have some torrential showers once it got dark, so my transportation options were limited. i tried texting my sister for a ride but she didn't respond so i got ready to walk down to harvard square to take the bus. i was already out walking to the end of my street before my sister got in touch with me about a ride. i went back home and waited for her to arrive.

my mother made some wonton soup for lunch, just in time for the patriots game against the buffalo bills. with new england missing so many people, everyone expected the bills to win. but the pats made it interesting, tied the game and actually had a chance to take the victory if it weren't for a cam newton fumble in the final sections of the game. new england is now 2-5 having lost 4 in a row. we're not yet mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but it doesn't look good.

gardening-wise there wasn't much to do. i put away some ladders and our roof rakes. in the basement we replaced the small fan with a slightly larger oscillating fan. at some point we'll move the orchids back down into the grow room as well.

as advertised, it started raining once it got dark. after having some handmade noodles for dinner, i got a ride back to my place, my father stopping first at the cafe to pick up a few things. my upstairs neighbors seemed to be home judging from the lights in their place. after a shower, i had to listen to their loud tv noises for 2 hours, all the while wishing for their quick deaths.