the antisocial indian couple living next door were finally moving today. i knew it was happening today because last week the city had put up some "reserved space, no parking" signs for their moving vehicle. not only was there a van but there was also a trailer attached to the van, i'd never seen anything like that. they hired movers who were here working in the rain in the morning but then they left, leaving the van for the couple to drive away. it was not a good day to move, wet and cold, rained throughout the day. finally by evening i heard the rumble of the van starting up and just like that they were gone. all they left behind was a dirty sofa chair and a side table.

because i woke up so late (11am), i wasn't hungry until the afternoon around 2pm. i ended up not making another avocado bacon sandwich. instead, i decided to go down to the porter square star market where they had fried chicken on sale, despite the rainy weather. it also gave me a chance to get a little exercise and tag a few pokestops along the way.

back at home, i enjoyed a drumstick, a wing, and a piece of thigh, washed down with some inca kola. a few hours later i got hungry again and finished off a breast. that's when that gross feeling hit me, happens every time i eat fried chicken, i reached my greasy food threshold.

i spent the rest of the afternoon inputting banking data for my father's accounting spreadsheet. normally it'd be an easy process of exporting the info as a CSV file, but the bank recently updated their website along with their web services and the data only went back to late june. i had to find the pdf bank statements and input the data manually. i also refined some formulas, refamiliarizing myself with sumifs and indirects.

i stopped torturing myself and finally turned on the heat tonight around 6:30pm. it was still 61°F inside the house, cold but not too cold, but i was starting to feel like i was getting sick, losing my taste of smell, and didn't want to get sick for real. temperature tonight will drop into the 30's, and tomorrow night it'll be in the 20's. besides, i noticed my parents had already turned on their heat as well (from the linked nest app account). i turned it on to 65°F, which didn't seem very warm at first, but after it had time to cycle a few hours, the house began to feel toasty, to the point where i didn't have to wear pants anymore. it hadn't been this warm in the house for weeks. i vacuumed a little bit earlier, including the air vents. there was a slight burnt odor when the heat first turned on, like a blowdryer smell, different from the usual first heating smell. i could also smell some of that basement mildew odor. it disappeared after a while. tomorrow i'll replace the filter with a new one, after the furnace had a chance to blow out the accumulated duct dusts onto the old filter.

for dinner i ate some more fried chicken, though the second round wasn't as joyful as the first. i left behind a breast piece, the worst part of a chicken.

later in the evening i went outside to leave a pokemon in a nearby pokemon gym. it was rainy and cold, but a good opportunity to make 50 pokemon coins. halfway there, i realized something: i forgot to wear my mask! something that used to be the norm now felt transgressive, taboo. i think it's a good sign though, that i can still remember the good old days when we didn't have to wear maks. the cold weather + glasses + facemask will result in a lot of fogged up lenses, i look forward to not being able to see anything every time i go outside. fortunately there as nobody crazy enough to be outside on a night like this. when i came home, my pants were soaked.