today was a cold day, temperature this morning in the 40's, the day's high would be in the 50's. i actually took out one of my winter jackets - the fleece hooded sweatshirt with the down vest. in the pockets were gloves and a hat. we're not that cold yet but soon. there's probably a good chance i turn on my heat this coming week, as the daytime temperature won't go beyond the 50's and we might actually get a freeze friday night.

my parents told me they drove down to the fresh pond cvs this morning to get their flu shot (senior heavy dosage). while my father had the usual symptom of localized soreness in the arm that received the vaccine, but mother had zero symptoms (even though when she got it in the past it'd hurt). even though i got my shot on thursday, it still hurts a little bit 3 days later, so i'm surprised my mother felt nothing.

i had a cheese bagel with a fried egg for lunch, along with a smoothie that was blended in the vitamix with the newly repaired blade assembly. the smoothie included almond milk, a banana, some frozen fruit, a slice of ginger, and a bit of black cherry juice. even though most of those ingredients are usually what i put into my own smoothies, they tasted somehow better coming out of the vitamix blender. later i had some white jelly fungus for dessert.

my father noticed a difference between the old vitamix container and the new knockoff one we got. besides having different baseplates (the vitamix has a beefier metal base, almost like an anchor, while the newer one has a thinner stainless steel base plate), the "shaft cog" on the vitamix sits lower so it pairs better with the drive socket than the newer container. the cog on the newer container sits about halfway in, while on the old container it sits completely in.

today was the long-awaited matchup between the 49ers and patriots. true, tom brady is no longer on the team, but we have cam newton against san francisco's QB jimmy garoppolo. the game was brutal, i stopped watching after the first half. the final score was 33-6, patriots drop down to 2-4 for the season. all that good feeling about cam newton is starting to wear away as he seems incapable of mounting any kind of offense. later i learned belichick pulled him out of the game in the 3rd quarter after throwing his 3rd interception of the day.

to be fair, had brady remained on the team, i think we'd still suck this year, given how many key players have decided to sit out the season because of coronavirus concerns. but you could argue that had they known brady was still under center, there'd be more incentive for them to come back, hoping there'd be another superbowl championship. but the team was already on a downward trend since last season, maybe it would've just continued. patriots also have one of the toughest schedules, though i think the worst of it is already over, and the only remaining challenege seems to be a matchup with the ravens mid-november.

after dinner i wrote a letter for my father to give to their next door neighbor. they upgraded their heating system recently and the exhaust pipe coming out of the house is very loud to the point where they can still hear it with the windows closed. my father spoke to the wife this morning, who said she's never heard any noises, but that's because their bedroom doesn't directly face the exhaust. the letter mentioned a youtube video where somebody installed a silencer on a chimney exhaust which reduced the noise significantly.

after speeding home i took a shower and watched some 60 minutes followed by sunday night football. i'm trying to get to sleep early tonight, can't go to bed every night around 3-4am and waking up at 11am!