not much in the way of action today, it was a cloudy day which made me not want to go outside. i knew it was foggy last night and it must've also rained a little bit in the early morning because the streets were wet. i did go out in the afternoon when the sun started peeking through, to market basket to get a few things. i had a craving for sushi for some reason and i've always seen their sushi selection but never tried it until today. i also got a bottle of inca kola, the national soda of peru. back at home, i went back out one last time to star market to pick up a few bags of potato chips on sale (for my junk food larder).

just as i suspected, the trash people picked up all of renee's junk except for her old mac computer. i took another look, it's actually a power mac 7100/66. computer wise it's not bad, 3 years newer than my quadra 700, with a powerPC chip instead of the motorola. however the form factor is nothing special, not like the mac SE with its compact macintosh shape. as much as it pains me to see old macs get trashed, it's just not worth saving.

michael called me around noontime to let me know my transition lenses still haven't come in yet. he contacted his supplier, some issue with customs, it's due to get here next week. i said i was willing to wait, no rush. while he was on the phone, i told him i could replace his bulging macbook pro battery for him, as it seemed awfully dangerous the last time i saw it. he actually beat me to the punch, took his laptop to an apple repair shop upstairs, they had the spare part, they managed to fix it for him already.

some news from vatican city: pope francis made comments endorsing same-sex civil unions from an old 2019 interview. this is a big deal because the catholic church has always been opposed to homosexuality and by extension any sort of union that comes out of it (which is hypocritical, considering how many gay men enter the clergy). there are definitely LGBT opponents in the vatican, but when the pope himself says he's in favor of same-sex civil unions, it gives people hope that one day (hopefully soon) the catholic church will abolish the antiquated notion that being gay is a sin.

my smokeless foreman grill was due to arrive today, but UPS tracking showed it hadn't even been shipped out yet even though a shipping label was created on friday. maybe it got left behind in a warehouse somewhere, who knows. so i contacted costco via their online chat to see what was going on. the woman i texted said the package most likely went out on monday, and to give it 24-48 hours for UPS to update their tracking. she told me if i still haven't seen any action on the part of UPS, to get back in touch with them.

i kept checking the UPS website day, it wasn't until very late in the evening did i actually see the package finally shipping out from california. the new delivery date won't be until monday so i have to wait 5 more days (10 total) on 3-day shipping that i paid for. if it wasn't such a good deal, i would've cancelled the order already. in the meantime, my organic turkey burgers will have to wait a bit longer before i can grill them on the new foreman. i still don't know if i even want to keep it when it arrives; if it's too big (QVC just posted an ad featuring the smokeless grill, you can see how big it is, they selling it for $89 + $7.50 S&H) i won't have the space in the kitchen for another appliance, and honestly, i just wanted a little foreman grill with removable grill plates. they sell one for $40 that would serve me fine. we'll see.

i ate the spicy grilled salmon roll for dinner. it was so good, i could eat it every day. i rarely buy sushi because my parents know how to make it; i really ought to learn it from them that way i can make it anytime i want, as well as the chinese dumpling recipe. i also tried inca kola. the color is kind of off-putting at first, looks like very concentrated carbonated urine. but it smells like bubble gum, and it tastes a little bit like bubble gum but also a fruity flavor. it's not too bad and if you gave it to somebody who's never had soda before along with coca-cola, i think they'd prefer this more.