i went to bed last night at 1am, slept by 2am. i had a hard time falling asleep, the sound of the torrential rain outside too noisy too distracting. woke up at 7am to use the bathroom but also to recharge my macbook pro after it's had 5+ hours of activity after i drained the battery (calibration's last step). by the time i woke up again around 10:30am, the laptop was already fully charged. the rain had also stopped, and the sun was out. i went to belmont by 12pm, my saddlebags packed with haymarket produce.

my mother was out on her daily walk. my father had yet to use the new vitamix container, only testing it with water. to say that the vitamix is powerful is an understatement; we cracked it up to the highest setting at one point and it nearly blow the lid off of the container. later my father blended a smoothie with some fruit ingredients: apple, pineapple, strawberries, honeycrisp apple cider, some water, spinach, and a handful of nuts (cashews, almonds). the vitamix pulverized everything, though there was still some crunchiness from the nuts. it was fruity but impossible to pinpoint any one ingredient, though i could pick out sour-sweetness of the apple cider. the nuts gave it a smoky flavor on first taste but then i didn't taste it anymore.

when my mother got back home she made some noodles for lunch. afterwards i had some white fungus soup for dessert.

my mother had collected some colorful leaves on her walk, which i pressed using some thick artbooks. there were already some old dried leaves in them, not sure how old they were.

in the late afternoon my father and i started moving the houseplants back inside the house: jasmines and gardenia in the sun room, cactuses and prayer plants in the basement grow room. we also moved the water reed to the basement, and cleaned up the space a little bit, which we pretty much just abandoned once we moved out all the plants in late spring. i nearly electrocuted myself when taking down a hanging grow light and one of the thin wire hanging cables just happened to fall into the power outlet on top of the grow light for daisy chaining other lights. the lights in the grow room flickered, something caught on fire briefly, and we smelled smoke afterwards. the short circuit melted the wire, i was luckily it didn't touch and burn me. luckily the grow light seemed okay. later my father replaced the wire hanger.

i spent the day at my parents' place without having to recharge my new macbook pro battery under normal usage (web surfing, streamed a few youtube videos, occasional breaks). by the time i went home, it was still at 30% capacity. the old battery had gotten to the point where after an hour i needed to charge it, so this new battery is definitely legit.

i rode back to cambridge after dinner, temperature was already 48°F. it was a little chilly but wasn't bad. i did have to turn on the choke to start the engine, the same thing this morning. after a shower, i spent the night doing some backups (both manually and through time machine). saturday night live was on in the background but i wasn't paying close attention. the time machine backup finally ended by 1am.