i had some soy milk with black sesame, it looked like some kind of weird charcoal drink, i couldn't really taste neither the soy beans nor the sesame seeds.

today we opened up the vitamix blender to replace the broken high low rocker switch. it was pretty easy to open, almost like it was made to be repairable. conditions inside the box was pristine. after recording the position of the wires, we popped out the old switch and put in the new one. the new switch cost us $23, and i wasn't paying very close attention but it looks different than the original switch, isn't rubberized and thinner. it works though, although i wonder if we could've gotten it to work with a cheaper generic DPDT 6 pin rocker switch instead.

the patriots-broncos game was supposed to be today, but postponed until tomorrow after stephon gilmore tested positive (though asymptomatic) for coronavirus earlier in the week. unfortunately new england had yet another person test positive, so now the game has been moved to next sunday. at this point, i wouldn't if the whole NFL season was cancelled. they're playing whack-a-mole in trying to contain the virus, but with players and staff not quarantined and the nature of the sport, it's too easy for the virus to spread, and it's only a matter of time before an even outbreak grinds the season to a halt. i'd be happy with that, especially since tom brady is no longer a patriots. sure, we have cam newton, and he brings excitement and hope to the team, but players safety should be the main concern, and if the league can't guarantee that, the season shouldn't be continuing. in other news, the las vegas raiders beat the undefeated kansas city chiefs. and the cowboys lost quarterback dak prescott after a horrible ankle fracture injury left his foot dangling lifelessly. tony romo was doing color commentary for CBS and he knew right away when he saw the replay what kind of injury it was.

for dinner we ordered takeout from sabzi in arlington, the kubideh. my mother even got one for my sister which i ended up bringing to her place after dinner. my father and i went to go pick up our order around 6:15pm. since i still had to drop off the food at my sister's place and get home in time to watch the NBA finals at 7:30pm, i ate quickly and could feel all the food bunch up in my stomach.

i got home, used the bathroom, then took a shower while the game was starting. it was game 6 between the lakers and heat. there was no doubt los angeles was going to take this game when at one point they were up 30+ points. the rest of the game was a formality, the lead was insurmountable for miami. lebron james and company ended up winning this year's NBA championship covid edition. i'm happy for rondo, the rare celtics champion who's also won a championship with the lakers, our traditional rival.