the first thing i did this morning was a bit of plumbing. i heard the noise of running water when i went to the bathroom this morning and realized the hot water faucet in the bathtub was dripping. i've seen this a bunch of times, it's an easy fix, shut off the hot water in the basement, replace the diaphragm washer in the cartridge. because i'd put plumber's tape in the threads, everything came off smoothly. when i looked inside the pipe, i could see pieces of gravel. i picked out what i could with an awl, then flushed the pipe by turning on the cold water faucet in the bathroom sink. some more sand came out, but not much. after wrapping some new teflon tape on the threads, i put everything back together and now no more drips.

thoughts of riding to haymarket on this friday danced in my head, but i was just in chinatown on wednesday, and didn't feel like another trip into boston so soon, despite the nice clear blue sky but slightly chilly weather today.

i made another english muffin egg prosciutto arugula sandwich for lunch.

michael called me today, said the lenses for one of my glasses had arrived today and they'd be ready in the late afternoon. unfortunately the transition lenses won't be here until next week. i told him it was no rush, that i could come by next week when they were both ready. besides, i'm starting to get used to my backup glasses now. the only disadvantage is the bridge on these new glasses are a little thick, so i need to tilt my head a bit more in order to look over my glasses when i need to see something up close.

the only time i left the house today was in the afternoon, where i took a short walk to walgreens to get some almonds on sale. coming back, i noticed a lone turkey displaying in the park. i've seen wild turkeys a bunch of times but i rarely see them displaying, especially when no other turkeys are around. i managed to get very close, less than 5ft, to get some photos, but this turkey was aggressive, charging me a few times, causing me to back up.

i found out maureen's birthday is on tuesday, so i sent her some biden stickers via amazon, they should arrive tomorrow.

my parents stopped by briefly in the evening after dropping off my 2nd aunt back at her apartment. they came to deliver some frozen homemade chinese dumplings. my mother hadn't been to my place in months. they also took the jars of kimchi, so they could ferment in belmont, leaving me with just one jar.

the dumplings had cabbage-fennel-pork filling. when i had them later in the evening, i thought they were actually lamb, i couldn't quite identify the flavor, but they was good. i only had half the portion (15 dumplings), saving the rest for some other time.

i had dinner while watching the NBA finals, game 5 between the lakers and heat. i was ready for los angeles to win but miami pulled off a gutsy victory tonight. the lakers have 2 more chances to close out the series, and fans get to watch more basketball. as much as i'd like to see the heat go down in flames, the fact that they were able to eke out another win means the celtics weren't beaten by some crappy team, miami is definitely a contender, and jimmy butler is a legit all-star. final minutes of the game, butler and lebron were trading hoops, like two prize fighters. boston doesn't have a player like that (yet), someone who can just dominate and score at will during crunch time.