i rode the motorcycle this morning with one of the wireless earbuds inside my helmet. i was able to listen to music but it's too distracting, i rather keep my ears free so i can hear any oncoming traffic. when i arrived in belmont, i presented my father with the earbuds. he took to them immediately, but was wondering if they could be used independently. later he managed to sync one to his computer with the other was synced to his phone. he doesn't like using two at the same time because it cancels out enough sounds that he can't hear anything else.

i had wonton soup for lunch and a warm soy and squash milk my parents whipped out with the soy milk maker. it was supposed to be yellow-orange but the squash was green for some reason so the milk came out green. afterwards i had some white snow fungus (銀耳) soup for dessert.

being sunday there was football, but the patriots game postponed until tomorrow or tuesday, there was nothing to watch. there was however a buccaneers-chargers game at 1pm. i watched it hoping to see tom brady lose, but he did surprisingly well, especially after being down early in the game and throwing an inglorious pick-six interception. i found myself rooting for him again, that old tom brady making his comeback, as tampa bay came back to win with 5 brady-thrown touchdowns.

maureen told me her mother suffered a stroke today and they rushed her to the hospital. initial tests revealed a clot at the base of the brain. she was able to talk but the right side of her body went limp, that was the sign. her mother finally got a room by evening.

in the late afternoon my father and i went outside and replaced the old rusty burner covers on our gas barbecue with new ones i ordered from amazon.com. the new ones are big enough that it's now hard to see if the burners have ignited, but they will prevent dripping grease from causing flare ups hopefully.

on the trump coronavirus watch, one of his doctors said twice yesterday his oxygen level dipped acceptable levels and he had to be administered oxygen as well as a steroid. trump made a surprising cameo outside of the hospital so he could wave to his supporters from his bullet-proof limousine. it didn't matter that he was still contagious and a secret service agent as well as a driver had to sit inside the vehicle with him. it's all about that photo-op! elsewhere, kellyanne conway's daughter announced via tik-tok she'd contracted covid-19.

after having some noodles for dinner, i returned to cambridge. there was no parking spots close to my house so i had to park a block away. i didn't mind, as i'm going to be using the motorcycle again tomorrow.

there was a basketball game tonight between the lakers and heat. los angeles was already up 2-0, i figured they'd make quick work of miami and extend their lead to 3-0. what i didn't expect was for the heat to still have some fight in them, as jimmy butler took over the game and willed miami to a victory. normally i'd root for the team that beat the celtics, since there's nothing shameful about getting beat by the eventual champions. but i'm rooting for the lakers because of rondo, i want rajon to be that rare celtics champion who's also won a champion for the lakers.

i started watching black monday, a showtime dramedy about the stock market crash of 1987. starring don cheadle, there's a heavy dose of mid-80's nostalgia that's irresistible, as well as being co-created by david caspe of happy endings fame. season 2nd just recently finished airing back in july 2020.