i woke up at 7am just to call me parents to let them know about trump contracting the coronavirus. my father had already seen something on youtube but he thought it was a hoax. the white house this morning released a statement saying that trump and melania were in isolation with "mild symptoms" but didn't elaborate. throughout the rest of the day, more and more republicans were coming down with the coronavirus: 2 republican senators (mike lee, utah, thom tillis, north carolina), RNC chairwoman ronna mcdaniel, notre dame university president rev. john jenkins, kellyanne conway, 3 white house reporters, 1 white house staffer, and campaign manager bill stephien. the central theme seems to be most of them were at judge amy coney barrett's introduction at the rose garden. barrett didn't get the coronavirus because she revealed she'd already gotten it during the summer. joe biden got tested this morning - since he and trump shared a debate stage on tuesday - and the results were negative.

today was a cloudy and relatively cool day. the only thing i had to do was go down to harvard square to get new glasses from michael's shop. for lunch i had a salmon cream cheese bagel.

i walked down to harvard square in the afternoon. michael was busy with a customer so i waited across the street for the customer to leave before visiting the store. i opted to keep my old frames but just get new lenses with the new prescriptions. i also got a new pair of glasses with transition lenses so i could finally have a pair of sunglasses. i brought my spare pair of glasses so i could wear them and leave the old pairs behind. i wanted to pay but michael wouldn't hear of it, said i helped them with enough computer stuff over the years. while i was there i reset the password on one of his e-mail accounts so it wouldn't pop up error messages anymore and showed him how to back up his computer using time machine. i also noticed that his macbook pro was bulging, which was because of the battery. that'll need to be replaced at some people, either with apple or DIY. i would've been happy to stay to chat more but there was another customer waiting so i made a quick exit.

walking back home, it started to rain a little bit. i forgot to bring my umbrella because i didn't think i'd need it. i didn't mind getting a little wet, i could change into dry clothes when i got back.

after it looked like it'd stopped raining by 5pm, i went to star market to get a few things (chips, hamburger buns, red seedless grapes).

the breaking news in the early evening was trump being moved to a hospital for "more testing" and where he'll stay for a few days. sources say he had a slight fever and they were moving him as a precaution in case his condition deteriorated. a helicopter came to pick him up from the white house and all the networks were breaking their regular programming to show the helicopter flying away. i was watching it on tv but the wait was so long i fell asleep.

for dinner i finished the last of my chili. don't know what i'm making for next week but it definitely won't be chili.

i'm still getting used to my backup glasses, which i almost never wear. they're a good frame, hinged arms so they're not prone to breaking. they kind of look like old-school horn-rimmed glasses that's why i got them, but with more rectangular lenses. since these are essentially new (never worn), the lenses are fresh and everything looks not only sharper but more vibrant as well, probably the coating.