my census supervisor sent me a rare text this sunday morning, told me that there was some enumeration work to be had in worcester if i was interested, and sent me the e-mail of the contact person. i told her i didn't have a car, and even if i did, i still prefer to work locally.

after wrapping up the cast iron griddle in some paper bags, i strapped it to the back of my motorcycle and left for belmont in the late morning. i looked it up yesterday, it's the bobby flay cast iron griddle, no longer manufactured, and i couldn't figure out how much it cost originally. somebody had purchased one off of ebay for $25 (with an additional $20 for shipping) while elsewhere online a good will store was selling one used for just $10. there might be a reason why they stopped making this griddle, besides bobby flay falling out of favor as a television food chef: it's actually not that well made. almost all the griddles i've seen online are designed with looping handles, while this particular griddle just has thin corners. it's okay if you have gloves and willing to grab ahold of a hot griddle to move it, but typically a looping handle is there if you want to use hooks.

i had some noodles for lunch, then spent the rest of sunday watching sports: patriots-raiders game in the early afternoon, buccaneers-broncos in the late afternoon, then celtics-heat in the evening. the raiders came into foxboro with a 2-0 record, but they seemed outmatched by new england, which played a running game las vegas seemed unable to stop. rex burkhead alone scored 3 rushing touchdowns. next sunday patriots play the so-far-undefeated kansas city chiefs. one big surprise is that buffalo is still undefeated this season at 3-0; patriots play them the first sunday in november. for the tampa bay game, once again i found myself rooting against tom brady and company. it's still a weird feeling seeing brady in a different uniform, and even stranger to find myself hoping for him to lose.

weatherwise, today was a weird day. it was surprisingly humid (70%) and warm (near 80's) and cloudy for much of the day, but it never rained even though it looked like it might. the forecast said the rain will finally arrive tuesday-wednesday-thursday, with stronger storms the later we went get into the week.

i returned home after dinner, to prepare for the celtics game. it was close, with boston and miami exchanging leads, but in the 4th quarter the heat went on an offensive roll while the celtics reverted back to long-range shooting that wasn't falling instead of going to the hoop. celtics ended up losing game 6. the finals will be between the heat and the lakers. i don't know if i'll root for either teams, or even watch it.