i forgot to take a photo of how many cases they assigned me last night, but i remember it was 100 cases; this morning it was up to 124 cases. most of the addresses were located to the south of me, the most cases on irving street (28 addresses), 16 additional cases from smaller adjacent streets.

i crossed the street to star market to get a tub of plain yogurt and some gatorade on sale. i had granola-blueberry-yogurt for an early lunch while i assembled today's list of addresses. i saw they reassigned 14 addresses that i knew were non-residential harvard labs/lecture halls. fortunately somebody got a number for the harvard operations department so i called them and got someone there to confirm which of my addresses didn't exist and which were nonresidential. i also saw two addresses that were another harvard building, but this time i knew the residential assistant and still had his number so i called him and he served as my proxy to clear those two cases. i did all this work before my 12pm start time!

temperature today was in the lower 70's, dry, with a mix of sun and clouds. cool enough to wear pants, but still warm enough to go short-sleeves. it was comfortable, i never got sweaty, and never drank any of the ice cold water jiggling around in my insulated tumbler. i took the bike because my census location was far enough away from my house to make it unfeasible to walk there, but i had the bike parked for most of the day i was i just concentrated in one very small area. i soon discovered that most of my irving street cases were in harvard housing. i thought it'd be a lost cause but on my 3rd address somebody actually buzzed me in. just so happens a maintenance guy also came into the building at the same time, and told me i wasn't allowed to go knocking door to door due to covid. so instead of getting an interview, i left the building with the number for harvard housing. while there, i saw a fell enumerator and we chatted for a while. she only had a few cases, and somebody had let her into the building earlier, so she was able to enumerate. harvard housing told me to call harvard leasing, and harvard leasing gave me the contact person of harvard's point man for census management, but unfortunately he was on vacation. it was a real mess and ate up a chunk of time.

there wasn't much highlight today. whenever i can sneak into a large apartment to enumerate is a highlight for me. i only had 3 complete interviews, but did clear a bunch of cases through proxy, not sure how those will be counted for the bonus pay. i came home at 4pm for my 30 minute break, didn't even have to shower, but i took off my shirt to air out a bit before going back out again. i called my mother to ask if the rain barrels were full from last night's rain, she said my father told her there was enough for maybe 2 days of watering, so not much at all. i returned home by 6:30pm for our census weekly conference call. i thought it'd be an hour but it only lasted 30 minutes, i could've gone out and done another hour of census work, but i was already settled and decided to call it a day.

i finished with 51 cases left, 44 inactives, and 29 cleared.

i got hungry during the conference call and ate two leftover pieces of fried chicken. later in the evening i had an maruchan instant cup of noodles (beef) and 3 clementine oranges, all washed down with some purple gatorade to replenish my fluids.

the democratic national convention began tonight. i had no idea it was happening, the event is kind of lackluster because all the speeches are streamed and there's no audience. i watched it intermittently, but i caught michelle obama's keynote speech to end the evening.