the weather this morning was just 70 degrees with a dark overcast and strong winds. it looked like it'd rain but from the forecast i knew that wasn't the case, so it confused me. only later did i realize there was a tropical storm off the coast in the atlantic ocean: too far to give us any rain, but still close enough to drop the temperature and leave the day cloudy.

i finally left for boston by 10:45am, to get some cheap produce at haymarket. i wore jeans and a t-shirt. i was almost there when i realized i forgot to wear my helmet. i arrived there in about 25 minutes. i didn't see anything interesting but i left with: 10 pluots ($2), 2 bags of sunkist clementine oranges ($2 + $3), 8 dragon fruits ($4), 2 english cucumbers ($1), sleeve of garlic ($1), 7 limes ($1), box of strawberries ($2), box of blueberries ($1), and 2 boxes of brown turkey figs ($4). i started heading back home by 11:40am, got back by 12:10pm.

after a quick shower, i left for belmont via motorcycle. massachusetts is suffering a drought, we are 7" below normal rainfall total. it shows on the lawn with patches of dead grass. i had a simple chicken patty sandwich for lunch. i tried the zero gravity chair, feels like a fancier version of your typical lawn chair, one that you can lean back to achieve a calming "zero gravity" position.

there wasn't much gardening to do. this time of year, it's basically just waiting to harvest when tomatoes/eggplants/zucchinis/peppers are ripe. i did refill the lotus barrels as the water level had decreased. still no aerial leaves, it's already mid-august. so much for getting a head start germinating lotus seeds this year.

later in the afternoon i rushed outside when i saw a woodchuck eating the squash plants. i chased it to the corner of the yard where it disappeared. i thought it was hiding underneath a pile of wood until i noticed the hole underneath the fence. it had basically chewed up the bottom of the fence to get into our backyard. the only way to stop a groundhog intrusion is with wire fencing. i used a large flat paving stone and some logs to temporarily block the hole, but obstacles like that are no match for the groundhog. i've got some digging to do tomorrow. earlier i noticed a bunny had gotten into the backyard; i wasn't happy about that but it was nothing compared to a groundhog. a groundhog can easily destroy a whole garden if left unchecked.

i came home after dinner. i only had a t-shirt but the windshield kept my warm from the dropping temperature. i took a short stroll once i got back, to capture two nearby pokemons that i don't have in my collection yet. i went by the community garden but it was too dark to do any watering. i'll need to come back tomorrow morning, it's been a week since i last watered.

i'm in the market for a lap desk or a side table that i can work off of when i'm in the living room. typically i'm either working with the laptop on my lap (which can get quite warm during the summer), have it resting on the arm of chair, on the coffee table with me sitting on the floor, or on a couch cushion with me lying sideways. either way it's terrible for productivity and probably slowly killing my back. with my newfound census cash, i'm looking to buy something nice.