last night: 90 cases, 10am start time. this morning: no change! for once the census didn't pad my assignments like it usually does. most of these addresses were new, northeast of my location, nearly all in somerville. i thought i needed to bike but they were all close enough i could walk. a total of 22 different streets.

i didn't have any errands to run this morning so i was already ready to work pretty early. after some leftover fried chicken for lunch at 11:30am, i started my shift at 12pm. i figured this way i can stop work by 7:30pm, right before it got dark.

the weather today was still hot but dry. yesterday was better because it was cloudy, today the sun was out and that made me sweat if i spent any time under the bright glare. i only managed to get 5 interviews today; i still think it's a mistake that only interviews count towards the bonus quota, as if all my proxy work calling real estate agents and landlords to fix cases of wrong addresses were not as important. working for the bonus could in fact make you work less. say i had a few interviews, but to work another hour or two would demand more interviews in order to earn the bonus, so i may just decide to stop early to not mess with my numbers. or, i only visit addresses i think will get me interviews, and ignore all the ones i think will be dead ends.

highlights today: visiting a few somerville apartments in the hills were they had amazing panoramic views of camberville; spotting a zero gravity chair in the wild; admiring a porch garden where they also had potted avocados and pineapples growing; spotting a plum tree in the wild with ripe purple plums (i should've asked for a sample); and finding a coffee mug that said "coffee makes me poop" in cooper black font no less. when i came home i was greeted to a wispy pink and baby blue sunset.

even though i planned on returning home early, an extra 30 minutes of work wasn't that big a deal so i kept working until 8pm. out of the 90 cases they assigned me this morning, i was left with just 8 active cases, and 60 cases being inactive (no one answered the door). that meant i completed just 22 cases, only 5 of which were interviews. you can't blame me when nearly 75% of the houses i visited today were nobody was home (or home but didn't want to answer).

i did a load of laundry when i got back home then put everything in the dryer. these are my census clothes which i'll need to wear next week. after a shower i made a salad for dinner, to use up some leftover arugula and tomatoes. it was 77 degrees outside while 83 degrees inside, so i was desperately putting fans in windows to blow cold air into the house. i heard tonight the temperature will drop into the 60's. i'm going to bed with all the windows in my house opened.