last night: 100 cases, 10am start time. all addresses to the south of my location, but nothing beyond kirkland. this morning: 123 cases, 9am start time. the new cases were more towards mass ave, and a few all the way out to market basket. the start time was weird, because my work availability is 10am to 8pm, so it shouldn't have assigned me a 9am start time. but i don't remember if i ever had that many cases before, 123. i wondering how the census algorithm came to the conclusion that i could work that many addresses, which is 2x my typical work load. i don't know whether to be flattered or offended.

i wasn't going to work at 10am and i surely wasn't going to work at 9am. soon after i woke up this morning, i started my errands. i went to the beacon street star market to buy some schweppes seltzers on sale, 4 for $11. i ran into victor, who was also perusing the seltzer aisle, complaining about how expensive it was for just carbonated water. "tony! where have you been! haven't seen you in a while. you're so tan! did you go to the beach?" i didn't realize how dark i've been since enumerating for the census for the past 2-1/2 weeks. i also had that face mask tan, where the top of my head is dark while the rest of my face is pale.

they only had flavorless seltzer at the beacon street star market, so i biked down to the porter square star market, where they usually have more selection. somebody emptied out all the flavored schweppes seltzers as well, i should've came earlier instead of waiting for the last day of the sale. instead i got some fried chicken on sale: $5 but with an online coupon cuts the price down to $3.97. at that price they're practically giving their fried chickens away.

after dropping off my chicken at home, i went out again, this time to walgreens to pick up my prescriptions before heading to market basket for some additional groceries, including instant oatmeal, cellentani pasta, balsamic vinegar, and fruit popsicles.

i was home by 10:30am. i ate lunch early, some fresh fried chicken, before taking a shower and getting ready for work. i typed out all the addresses. today they were sending me out to visit 19 different streets.

weather today was in the 80's and dry, actually pretty comfortable, with an ocean breeze. after 3 hours of work i had to come home for a quick bathroom break because i wasn't sweating enough to flush out my fluids.

highlights today include 2 beacon street apartments that i thought were a dead end because apartment people typically ignore the buzzer unless they waiting for a package. but on both occasions i was lucky enough to be in the lobby when somebody was coming out, so i managed to sneak inside. people act much more differently when you're knocking on their door directly. i got 3 interviews in one apartment, and a whopping 7 in another. compare that to yesterday, when i only eked out 2 interviews. the second apartment - for whatever reason - there were a lot of chinese residents, and i usually have a high success rate when it comes to chinese respondents. my luck ran out and i'd only add 2 more interviews to the grand total, including one respondent who was too scared to come out of her house so we did it between the door. she was very nice, very apologetic, i was just happy i was getting another interview. i also used proxies to fill out interviews, not sure how those will be counted for the bonus, at least 5 if not more. i also used proxies to confirm vacant houses, including my last case of the day, where the woman actually lived in an address i enumerated last week (it was such a strange place that i remembered it right away). it was actually a case on my list that i didn't get a chance to visit today, but she promised she'd give the notice-of-visit to her downstairs neighbors and send them an e-mail encouraging them to fill out the census. that was a good ending to the day, along with a colorful sunset that greeted me as i rode back home in the dark with my bike lights on.

when i came home at 5:30pm for my 30 minute break, i saw a large package in front of my house. at first i thought it was an empty box, but it took me a second to realize these were the pair of zero gravity chairs i'd ordered on sunday. apparently i made a mistake in the shipping and had them sent to my house instead of my parents'. i called them to let them know, my father came over to pick them up, bringing along some dinner as well. usually i take a shower during break to cool off and to rinse off the sweat from my body, but i still pretty dry so didn't have to do that today.

i weigh myself every night, after i get home from census work, just to see how much weight i lost. it's just water weight and comes right back after i drink some water and eat some food, but still, it's like a moral victory. tonight i got down to 144.4 lbs, which puts my BMI at 25.0, in the normal range for the very first time. up until this point my omron health app has told me i'm overweight ever since i've been logging my weight since the beginning of july.

i had 61 active cases left for today, with 35 inactives, and a completion of 27 addresses. that's about average, i usually have the roughly the same amount of inactives to completions, with inactives slightly higher (60/40 split). so i visited 62 addresses of the 123 they assigned me this morning. that's about 8.8 addresses an hour.

i ate the prepared meal for dinner, saving the fried chicken for tomorrow's lunch. just one more day of work before the weekend! my mother called me, raving about her new zero gravity chair. functionality it very similar to the lafuma zero gravity chair, but the quality is different. for one thing, it has a plastic/rubber smell that a lot of chinese products seem to have. i told my mother she could take it into the backyard and give it a rinse since they're supposed to withstand the elements. they left one chair at the cafe and brought the other one home. my mother said when the lafuma chairs go on sale, she's going to get one of those, even if it's 5-6x more expensive that the ZG chair she got.