after all the 80+ and humid days we've been having, today almost felt cold with temperature in the 70's and dry comfortable air. i decided to work with an external monitor, more space means more productivity. i got my thunderbolt to HDMI adapter but realized my late 2013 macbook pro has a fullsize built-in HDMI connector. what i didn't have was a power cable, and i went down to the basement briefly to dig one up. my samsung LCD monitor works fine and all, but at 1080p i find it lacking after used to using the retina screen on my laptop. what i really want is to upgrade to a 4K monitor. i looked into using a 4K HDTV which is not only larger physically but cheaper compared to a dedicated monitor; plus it also works as a tv. all the ones i saw were much too big, the smallest ones were 40" at least.

steve, who came back and stayed in his house overnight was already gone by the morning. he had the courtesy of bringing in the trash, though he didn't lock the backyard gate. i had the last of my leftover fried chicken for lunch. later in the afternoon i went to market basket for some groceries. i didn't really need anything and i could've gone tomorrow, but the weather was too nice to stay indoors today, and a short bike ride was what the doctor ordered. everyone wore masks, and things were relatively calm and quiet, but nearly half the customers there couldn't follow the one-way aisles directions.

MGH kept contacting me today, whether by e-mail, by text, or phone. they kept asking me if i had any covid-19 symptoms prior to my appointment tomorrow. it got a little annoying, made me think they prefer i didn't go down to their office, that i should just do a remote videostream visit instead.

wayfair sofa delivery company texted me this morning, said they would deliver my aunt's sofa tomorrow morning between 8:30am to 12:30pm, asked me to confirm. later i called my aunt and told her the timeframe. she asked me if they'd take away her old sofa. i told her they just do delivery, not disposal. nowadays with bedbugs everywhere, everyone's afraid to touch used furniture, especially ones with mattresses that parasites can hide in.

i bought an SSD drive to upgrade the imac. originally i was going to get a 1000GB samsung drive for $100 but the key to remember is it's a 2003 imac, 17 years old. it's only saving grace is that it's a mac and designed to last a bit longer compared to a PC. if this was a 17 year old PC, forget about it, we wouldn't be using it at all. so the key word is inexpensive. upgrade yes, but not worth spending too much money.

so instead of 1000GB, i decided to just get a cheaper 500GB SSD for $50, equal to what it currently has. even a 500GB is probably an overkill, that imac is a simple browser computer at best. there were a bunch of $50 500GB SSD options, but i ended up going with PNY (PNY CS900 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD $55), since i've used them before for thumb drives. some of the no-name brands i'd be a little worried about reliability. the mid-2003 imac only has SATA II (3Gb/s) but SATA III (6Gb/s) is backwards compatible with older SATA versions. SATA II is plenty fast already.

i also got a 2.5" to 3.5" bracket adapter ($12). it's not 100% necessary, and some people just tape the drive to the back of the computer, but the bracket would provide durability, i never have to worry about the hard drive jarring loose. it also mounts the SSD drive on an aluminum frame so hopefully that'd help with the heat dissipation. both items are due to arrive friday.

apparently i had enough things to do today because i didn't even realize it was after 6pm. i wasn't the bit sleepy or tired (helps that i wasn't lounging on that couch which is like a sleep trap).

i didn't have dinner until after 9pm, having some korean beef bone broth ramen. it wasn't anything spectacular, i found it kind of bland, i prefer the spicy korean ramens a lot better. i added an egg, some pickled mustard greens, and some chopped scallions. i ate while watching demolition man.