my parents were making one final supply run to costco before they reopen the cafe tomorrow. my mother called this morning asking if i'd be interested in going to costco. the last time my father and i went (april), they had an occupancy limit of 2 customers per membership card. afraid this was still the case, i opted not to join them in case i couldn't get in.

instead i took it easy the rest of the morning. with the thunderstorms we had last night, it meant i didn't have to do any watering (plus i already watered yesterday). for lunch i had some granola with vanilla yogurt. afterwards i went to the dollar store to get a set of measuring spoons; not for kitchen use, but rather to measure the various portions of organic fungicide/insecticide i need for my sprayer. before i left, i noticed they started selling face masks. i didn't see the quality but i'm intrigued. supply chain is getting back to normal if i can buy face masks from the dollar store. as for hand sanitizers, the shelves are still empty.

in the afternoon i rode to belmont. i had some gardening tasks to do, at the very least i was going to spray all the vegetables with serenade to prevent them from getting diseased. before i did that though, i mixed up 4-1/2 gallons of miracle-gro fertilizer and watered all the vegetables (1 tbsp of blue granules to 1 gallon of rain water). i gauged the rainfall amount that fell last night in an empty bucket, about half a centimeter, but that was enough to nearly fill all the rain barrels.

since i harvested all the garlic in RB4, it's now empty and a perfect spot for additional vegetables. my father and i went to home depot to see if we could pick up some seedlings. unfortunately the selection wasn't all that inspiring, and i decided we'd grow zucchinis from seeds, since it's still relatively early in the summer season and zucchinis are fast growers. inside the store, we saw boxes of disinfect and hand sanitizers. my father ended up buying a gallon of in-cide disinfectant ($9.88). he also got a small bottle of penetrating oil ($3.98) and some 2ft plastic edgings ($1.48/each) for our emerging curbside lawn grass that always seems to be in danger of getting washed away from storm runoffs.

back at the house, after putting the edging along the sidewalk grass, i mixed a gallon of serenade biofungicide (4 tbsps = 2 oz. mixed with 1 gallon of rain water) and sprayed all the vegetables along with the grapes and flowering trees. i noticed the squash and cucumber plants have started to have spots on some of their leaves which could be early signs of plant disease. hopefully serenade will stop it in time. these kind of sprays are weird because it's hard to say if they're working. maybe if the plants don't get any diseases, but who's to say they wouldn't be find otherwise without fungicidal spraying? by the time i was done it was already passed 6pm.