i rode to belmont in the late morning, to do some preventative spraying of serenade fungicide and Btk insecticide. my parents weren't home but my mother called me a short time later, asking where i was. i told her i was at their place, she said they were outside my place in cambridge, out doing a supply run in preparation for their soft opening next tuesday. she said she had the cloth moth traps and put them through my mail slot. i couldn't see where they put the rest in belmont, so said to look at the carpet in the sunroom, where apparently there was a moth infestation. sure enough, in a neglected corner of the room, moths seemed to have been eating the carpet, swarming in that area, getting caught in the traps. later i took some duct tape and rolled it over the carpet to see what i could pick up. it looked like rug mange, layered with colored moth larvae droppings.

i sprayed what little remained of the serenade mix i made weeks ago on the grapes and the tomatoes before i ran out. not sure about the shelf life for mixed serenade, i'll probably need to spray again sometime soon, especially on the squash and cucumber plants which are prone to disease.

i then mixed a batch of Bt (arrived yesterday, 1 tbsp to 1 gallon of rain water). it seemed like a lot but i ended up using it all. Bt is for killing squash vine borers. i don't know if they're effective against the eggs, only the larvae, and they have to ingest it in order for it to work. i consider it a second line of defense along with hand picking any eggs i find. i sprayed all the squashes (buttercup, the ones we got from matthew, the zucchinis) along with the cucumbers, since SVB will sometimes mistake them for squash. while i was spraying the zucchini in RB0, an adult SVB was flying around laying new eggs. i tried to kill it but they're good fliers.

i ended up spending 3 hours doing various yard work in the hot sun. i returned home by 3pm.

i rewatched john waters' 1990 cry-baby. i remember seeing it at allston cinema with my aunt. something i didn't appreciate at the time was just how many celebrity cameos he had in the film. i recognized traci lords, iggy pop, and patty hearst, but he also had troy donahue, david nelson, and joey heatherton playing the various parents.

i finished a small box of bean dip with salsa chips in the afternoon. maybe that's why i wasn't hungry and didn't have dinner until after 10pm.

greek salad
(single serving)

1/2 bag of salad mix
onion, diced
tomato, diced
cucumber, diced
pepperoncini, chopped
kalamata olives, chopped
diced ham
feta cheese, crumbled
greek dressing

the only mistake i made with my greek salad was i bought non-pitted olives. i made that discovery when i tried to chop them and hit something hard. maybe that's why they were less expensive, i'll know next time. that meant when i was eating my salad, i had to be careful every time i can across an olive. i was going to cut one of my watermelons but it was already too late, figured i do that tomorrow.