i woke up at 9am to get an early start on my list of errands. first up: do a load of laundry. i had so much dirty clothes it started to overfill the washing machine, so i decided to do one load today, and another one at a later date. humidity today was around 50%, dry enough to hang dry my clothes after they were done washing, which was the original plan all along. i was going to hang up another clothesline but the rope that i had was too short. regardless, the existing clothesline i do have was enough to hang all my clothes.

i watered the backyard and front yard. of all the hydrangeas i planted, only two seemed to have survived: the one by the usual hydrangea plot, and the one i planted out front by renee's side of the yard. i also swept the dust from the front steps with the broom.

while deciding to finally throw out all the dead avocado seeds i've been trying to grow, i was shocked to find that one them had actually germinated. most of the water had dried up but a long taproot was still partially in the water, keeping the seed alive. there was one other avocado seed that looked like it'd germinated, but the root wasn't long enough to reach the water so it eventually dried up completely and died. i put the germinated avocado seed in a larger jar filled with water.

i took the motorcycle to harbor freight to get a few rain barrel related items: another two-way "y" hose connector ($3.99) and 3 female hose menders ($1.49 each). afterwards i went to OSJL to see if they had any large plastic pots. there seems to be a supply chain issue, they had zero plastic pots, just porcelain and some terracotta. finally, i fueled up at the stop & shop gas station before returning home. i passed by star market and noted that their can return machines were all out of order.

after heating up a pair of zongzi for lunch, i was back out again, this time returning to star market to stock up on schweppes seltzers (on sale, 4 cases for $10). they didn't have a lot of flavors at the beacon street store, so biked down to porter square for better selection.

i filled up the back of my rear bicycle baskets with empty seltzer cans and rode down to market basket to return them. when my parents went their on monday, they said the can deposit station was open. i returned $2.50 worth of cans, everything was accepted (including some weird cucumber seltzer cans) with the exception of an orangina glass bottle. i bought a few things at market basket, mostly smoothie making ingredients (i hve a bunch of bananas at home that need to be used). when i went to pay i totally forgot about my deposit money, i'll use them for next time.

with that i was finally done with my errands by 2pm. i took a shower to clean up and cool off, spent the rest of the day lounging in the house, the shades partially closed, snacking on avocado oil potato chips and stuffed grape leaves. although the temperature was up in the 80's inside my house, it didn't feel hot because it was comfortably dry. heat i can handle; humidity i can't.

before it got dark i went outside and brought in my clothes. other than the jeans, everything was completely dried, unlike the last time i hung dry my laundry during a humid day. i felt like somehow i cheated the system by naturally drying my clothes, even though this is the way it's done for much of the world. i suppose i'm just too used to the convenience of the dryer. hang drying is not only good for the environment, it also saves money, but not sure how much since i don't do laundry all that much (like every 3 weeks or so). hang dried clothes have this starchy feel to them, and a distinctive smell on top of the detergent fragrance. i folded my laundry in my bedroom while watching scott pilgrim on netflix.

for dinner (i didn't eat until after 9pm), i cooked up half a package of chicken tortellini combined with half a jar of tomato sauce and half a dozen meatballs. it was very filling, but during the summer it's better to have cold foods, like salads.