my upper arms had some aches but otherwise i was relatively unscathed from moving heavy equipment yesterday. today was a day of nothingness: finished my leftover barbecue for lunch, took a short walk to engage a one man raid at a local pokemon gym trying to capture a shuckle (surprisingly a 3 star pokemon, i wasn't able to beat it in under 120 seconds after two tries), and retroactively filled in some old blog posts from this past week.

today was cloudy yet we still managed to break the 50kWh+ barrier. it's still early in the month to get a good feel as to how much production we'll make but with this continuous streak of rain-free weather, it seems like we'll be getting more sun than clouds for the near future.

i've been tracking my two delayed packages: the ant bait left suwanee, georgia monday morning, wasn't accepted at the local USPS until early yesterday morning, but tonight it's already arrived in springfield, MA; as for the pump adapters (the more critical of the two packages), it left manchester, iowa yesterday morning, arrived at cedar rapids, took nearly 12 hours to get to des moines, and didn't leave des moines until nearly 16 hours later. it seems to be traveling backwards, but hopefully once it leaves des moines, it will be on a plane directly to new england. the logistics of moving something out of iowa seems awfully complicated.

for dinner i made a meatball sub. i microwaved half a dozen meatballs with some tomato suace in the microwave for 3 minutes. there was some splatter and it got so hot some of the plastic wrap had melted. i also toasted a sub roll layered with some melted provolone cheese. these meatballs are smaller than the ones i got last time (which seemed like jumbo meatballs), but still tasty enough. a microwave is a convenient way to heat the meatballs but there has to be a better way without splatter.


more days!

kevin asked out our plan for friday. i said we'd move after he finished his meeting at 12pm, he said he'd like to have some lunch first before we left. one last chance to dirty up my kitchen i suppose! he didn't want to go to any asian supermarket, said the porter square star market would be good enough. he said he also needed socks, i said we could go to the somerville target, he thought about it, like it was too far. then he started packing up his things. i thought he'd need more time, but he got everything in boxes in just under half an hour. so this is really happening. in about 36 hours kevin will be gone, i will have the house all to myself again. i almost forgot what single living feels like. in some ways i'm going to miss kevin, but in others i'll be happy that he's gone. at the very least the house will be cleaner.