my father delivered a grow bag full of potting soil and some japanese eggplants and foxgloves to my community garden. i met him there and stayed to work in the garden while he returned home. there wasn't enough dirt in the grow bag so i didn't plant anything in it just yet. instead i planted 2 eggplants and 2 foxgloves directly into the ground. i also brought another white hydrangea from my house and planted it in the northwestern corner of my plot. the hydrangea i planted weeks ago in the northeastern corner looks to be dead (rabbits must've eaten off all the leaves) so i dug it up, ready to be replaced by one of many hydrangeas still in my backyard.

i was going to make some more avocado toast for lunch but my two remaining avocados had both started to rot and dry up. i remember i had salami but it's at least 2 months old and when i dug it out of the crisper there was some suspicious white mold. i was going to have some yogurt but saw i still had a leftover piece of barbecued corn from memorial day and decided to eat that instead. it was probably a sketchy eat as the corn tasted sour, but i had no side effects.

i took the motorcycle to belmont to wait for the impending arrival of the seaflo series-42 on-demand pump, scheduled to arrive today (monday). the pump never did come, but my mother's gooseneck tablet holder did arrive (even though it wasn't scheduled to until wednesday). it had a very stiff articulating arm, which is normal, otherwise it wouldn't be strong enough to support a tablet on its 30" length. my aunt lili also showed up unexpectedly to pay for some tennis balls my parents' got her. she didn't come inside, just chatted with my father outside the house in her face mask before leaving.

my father was still cleaning the garage when i first arrived, trying to figure out if there was enough clearance for either cars to fit inside. since the lawnmower was out, i took the opportunity to mow the unmowed sections of the front and back yard. i wore a mask when i was out front, but removed it when i went to the back.

not much additional yardwork to after that, with tender houseplants temporarily moved back to the basement grow room due to the two day cold snap. i set up a plant stand next to RB0 with some bricks and a wooded plank to hold my two rubber lotus barrels. where they were located before - on the steps behind the garage by the perennial bed - doesn't get enough sunlight during the day and lotuses prefer a lot of sunshine. i spotted a bunny by the spiderworts, eating clovers on the lawn. later when my father and i were both outside we spotted the bunny again. using bamboo poles to corral it, we managed to drive it out of the backyard.

after dinner i returned to cambridge, bringing back some more potting soil in a bag strapped to the back of my motorcycle. when i got home, i grabbed one more hydrangea and went to the community garden to add soil to the grow bag, plant 2 more japanese eggplants, and replace the dead-looking northeast corner hydrangea with the new one that i brought. it was starting to get dark and while i was watering my plants, it began to rain a little bit, so i stopped and quickly returned home.

despite how cloudy it was today, we narrowly missed hitting the 50kWh mark by just 700Wh! as long as the sky isn't a complete overcast and there's still a mix of clouds with sunshine, we can continue to make good production numbers.