no police was waiting for me this morning for what i've done late last night. when you commit a crime and don't get caught, it's almost like everything you hold sacred and true turned out to be wrong. you mean you can do something illegal and not get caught? this is the slippery slope of how a law-abiding individual ends up becoming a master criminal. maybe i've just watched too much breaking bad and ozark. when the garden refuse truck can by, i went out and let them destroy the evidence for me. now all i have to do is return the looper to my parents' place without the neighbors catching sight of me. i'm sure they'll see the damage eventually; hopefully not for a long time, at which point they won't be able to figure out what happened anyway. what i did was so subtle, it even took me a while to see what i did. what i really want to do is inspect where i cut the branch, but to do that would be to give myself away. so for now i can only admire my handiwork from afar and enjoy the return of unobstructed street view.

i finally had enough of my coronavirus quarantine beard and shaved it completely off. at one point i thought i'd leave a moustache but thought better of it. immediately after shaving everything off i realized i made a mistake. as dirty as that beard was, it sort of balanced out my face. now a clean-shaven face contrasted too much with my shaggy coronavirus quarantine hairstyle. plus, having not seen my face for many weeks, i thought my naked face looked pudgy and ugly. fortunately it won't take long for new growth to come back, about a week. besides, nobody can see my face anyway, since everyone's still wearing masks.

after a chicken salad bagel sandwich in the early afternoon for lunch, i asked kevin if he was interested in seeing the community garden. so we walked down, i gave him a quick tour, and left him to take some photos while i watered my plot. he was pretty impressed with the whole garden, especially all the flowers; apparently in china people don't usually plant flowers since it's a waste of good space that can be used to grow something actually useful like a vegetable crop.

i thought about taking the motorcycle up to greater boston motorsports to get it inspected, but decided i'd do that tomorrow when the temperature would be 10 degrees warmer (70's). instead i biked to the walgreens on beacon street for a few supplies (shampoo, snacks) before turning around and paying a visit to the porter square star market. apparently there's a special deal this week where you get a free rotisserie chicken when you get an 8-piece serving of fried chicken. when i scanned the items the rotisserie chicken wasn't subtracted, only after i was about to pay did it become free.

ever since the coronavirus quarantine i've been thinking about fried chicken. the porter square star market is the closest joint nearby that offers decent cheap fried chicken. i sampled a thigh, a wing, and a breast. it wasn't as good as last time though, very dry, like maybe it was left under the heat lamp for too long, and the breading wasn't as crispy and flavorful. next time, i'm going to get some wings from city slicker on somerville avenue. i tried korean bbq last time; it was okay, but not better than bon chon. they have two other flavors - sweet chili and buffalo - i might try one of those.

the itchy dermatitis blisters on my right palm has sort of fused together into a big blister. it was so itchy last night i almost wanted to scratch the outbreak until it bled. only washing with cold water seems to alleviate some of the itchy, but with coronavirus prevention hand washing calls for hot water, i'm not sure what to do. but i know hot water makes it itch more, so i'm just going to be washing my hands with cold water until the blisters are finally gone.

the sky today was a deep dark blue, so no surprise we got a perfect solar production graph. by often times a perfectly smooth graph doesn't mean record production, and that was the case today, we made just 54.41kWh, more than 1kWh shy of breaking the all-time record from a week ago. still, i'm not complaining about a perfect graph! the forecast for thursday and friday calls for more sunny days, i'm hoping we can make an additional 100+kWh by the time we reach the weekend.

i had more fried chicken for dinner, by nearly 10pm. i ate while watching the HD presentation of game 6 of the 1998 NBA finals, michael jordan's last game as a chicago bulls. the NBA apparently filmed the game separately in HD, and spliced the footage together to create a game film. because they were hedging their bet on the history nature that this might be jordan's last game, they spent a lot of time focusing on jordan himself, like a voyeur, using hand-held HD cameras.

i ended up not eating any of the rotisserie chicken, but instead saving it to make chicken stock for my rice vermicelli noodle soup that i'll be making for tomorrow night. any leftovers i can freeze for next week.