that unripened avocado i accidentally cut into 2 days ago was now ripe enough to eat. i made another bagel sandwich, this time with the addition of some raw spinach and a slice of provolone cheese. frankly, at this point, i've eaten enough egg+ham bagel sandwiches that i started to get tired of them. i have plenty of other stuff to eat in the house, but i just need to use up my ham before it goes bad. fortunately this is the last of it, i saved some for tomorrow and i'll done with my ham (salami on the other hand, still have plenty of that that i also need to finish).

afterwards i biked to belmont to deliver the chinatown supplies and to be there for plant moving day, this being most likely our last day of plant moving as the weather was now warm enough to keep them outside for the rest of the season. speaking of the weather, the temperature was already in the 60's, warm enough to just ride in a dress shirt, and even that felt a bit too much.

i found my father in the backyard, having erected a stand to hold all our jasmines and gardenia plants. it's a great idea but takes up too much space on the lawn. i suggested putting wooden plants on the railing to the basement entrance, and put some plants there instead.

we left for home depot to get some supplies: paints for metal railings and window trims, pvc pipe fittings for the cactus stand, brass adapters for our on-demand pump, large plastic barrel for my lotuses, and a 10ft plank of wood. we wanted to get the wood cut for easier transport but the cutting machine was out of service, so we loaded it up in the car with the sticking out and the hatchback door tied down. at one point my mother called me but i couldn't answer the phone because i didn't want to transfer any possible germs on my hands.

after unloading the supplies at the house, we went to my aunt's place in arlington to deliver some plants: a pan of irises, two pots of spiderworts, and a container of lily-of-the-valley. my aunt was inside attending a livestream meeting, but matthew was outside doing yard work. we checked out some of their plants, staying long enough for my aunt to finish with her meeting to see us before we left.

back at the house, we cut the wooden plank in half. our circular saw wasn't able to cut through the 2" depth so we have to flip the plank over and cut it again from the other side. it fit just right on top of the basement railing. instead of the jasmines we'll most likely put some of our other plants that don't require a lot of attention.

i wasn't planning on staying for dinner, but my mother said she was making some wonton soup so i ended up staying for that. i left a bit before 7pm.

the combination of warmer weather plus the coronavirus quarantine meant that on my ride home i kept smelling backyard barbecues, house after house. too bad meat prices are going up due to the lack of slaughterhouse employees not infected by the virus.

i stopped by the cafe because my sister told me the florist left a bunch of unwanted hydrangeas for me to take. my sister already picked the best ones - pink colors - leave only whites. there were 9 pots, each about 8" in diameter, a little bigger than i'd imagined. i could fit two in each side of my rear bike baskets. i could carry two more in a box i happened to have, leaving 3 behind. but i managed to fit 2 more in a canvas grocery bag, and the last one i haphazardly placed in my everyday bag. gingerly i managed to slowly bike home, afraid that too much jostling would bounce one of the pots off of the bike. i managed to get home unscathed. i'm going to plant them throughout my backyard, and whatever i can't plant, i'll put in my community garden, giving the rest away to any gardeners who wants them.

despite nearly similar weather, we didn't set a new record like we did yesterday. my theory is because today was actually 10 degrees warmer, and warm temperature reduces solar panel efficiency. we make up for it however during the hot summers with long periods of daytime.

the windows were still opened when i got home, not a problem since the outdoor temperature was still higher than the indoor temperature. i did close them though, there comes a transition point when it starts getting hot enough outside that i actually want my room temperature to be cooler.

later in the evening i got a calendar reminder to plant my lotuses tomorrow. i made the entry the end of last year. not sure how i decided on this particular date, but i saw somewhere that the time to plant lotuses outdoors is when the daytime temperature is 65°F or above and the nighttime 50°F and above. i found the average temperature for each day and determined that may 15th is the best time to plant lotuses. it's actually pretty accurate because the weather is already changing, cold days seem to be behind us, nothing but warm days from now on.