i was expecting a day of rain but the clear blue sky this morning probably fooled a lot of people into thinking that it'd be a nice day. i went with my sister to aldi's after she already went to trader joe's. there was a line of about half a dozen people outside aldi's. it moved quick though. an attendant stood outside, disinfecting carts the moment they were returned now they seemed to have done away with the quarters. in the foyer was a hand sanitizer dispensing station. because of occupancy limits, it was nice and calm inside. they seemed to be well-stocked, had everything, including my everything bagel which that didn't have last time. they were also well-stocked with meats, though a sign alerted customers to just 4 packages of meat per family. i even found flour, stacked high on a pallet like it'd just arrived. my sister paid, it was about $120 worth of groceries.

next we went to OSJL where i wanted to get some plastic barrels. my sister stayed in the car. there were no line outside and hardly any lines inside. when i checked the website, they weren't sure if they still carried the 22-1/2" barrels i wanted and looking through the aisles they didn't have any. i ended up just getting two pots so we can transfer our jasmines. my sister also asked me to get her some gluten-free oatmeal and i picked up a package of biscotti for my mother. OSJL has instituted a new 2% addition on all purposes, supposedly for the employees. you can opt out, but it's awkward to tell the cashier that you don't want to give them more money for risking their lives to come to work. while checking out, i saw they sold 16oz. pumps of hand sanitizers for $8, the same ones i used to see at dollar stores for just $1. walking outside, i noticed they also carried gallon size refill containers of sanitizers for $25.

i'd wanted to hit harbor freight to complete the trifecta, and even had some 20% off coupons, but decided against it, since other than pipe fittings, there was nothing there i wanted.

riding back, it started to rain a little bit, big fat drops landing on the windshield. my sister dropped me off at my place before heading over to my parents' to make the supply delivery. since both my sister and i have been doing a lot of grocery shopping, i don't think my parents have gone grocery shopping at all in weeks. the only time they went out for food was to get some supply from the cafe.

i had a leftover egg & ham homemade bread sandwich for lunch, warmed up in the toaster oven. by then the weather had turned grey. i spent some time shopping for home insurance, but the policy i have now with concord group seems to give me the most coverage for what i pay annually, which has increased to $1200. i discovered the policy is actually a homeowner policy, not a condo policy, which is what i've been searching for previously. condo policies never seem to have enough coverage because the assumption is condos are worth less than houses typically, unless you're in a high real estate market like greater boston.

i called my father who told me our on demand seaflo 33 pump had arrived. instead of opening it though, he was going to wait until we heard back from seaflo regarding pump upgrade/exchange. i sent them a message via their website on friday, they still haven't gotten back to us although we did receive an automated e-mail saying they got the message. that seems to be the only way of contacting them as there's no number to call.

i spent the day being unproductive, trying to catch up on episodes of ozark so my mother wouldn't outpace me. there were intermittent periods of ominous darkness outside, followed by brief periods of torrential rain.

i made a salad for dinner a bit after 8pm, while baking some potato wedges in the oven. i used 4 large potatoes, ended up eating nearly half, which is the equivalent of 2 whole potatoes. so much for trying to lose weight. when it comes to potato wedges and french fries, i don't seem to have a ceiling, i can eat and eat. by evening i only had one episode of season 2 ozark left to watch. unfortunately my internet went out right after midnight. i went online to check, sure enough, they were doing a system maintenance (why wasn't i notified?), supposed to last until 6am. fortunately i have unlimited data on my phone so when i go to bed i can still surf the web business as usual.