temperature was in the 50's as i made my way to belmont in the late morning. my mother was just about to step out for her daily walk when i got to the house. i performed a water change on the lotus seeds. i moved the 2 dormant seeds to its own jar as they were making the water cloudy, most likely they won't germinate. of the 2 seeds with broken stems, one of them continues to grow while the other seems to be stunted. 1 seed is growing particularly long, with the remaining 3 are in various stages of stem growth.

when my mother returned home, she fixed me a ham & egg sandwich with the bread my father made yesterday, along with the last remaining bowl of hot & sour soup. my mother was supposedly saving it for my sister, so when my father heard that, he made another pot of it warming on the stove. the soup was heated in the microwave but was left out long enough that it was just lukewarm. too lazy to reheat it, i ate it anyway.

since our transfer pump no longer works, we decided to open it up to see if we could fix the damage. pumps like these have no circuitry, it's all wires and electromagnets, so it's easy to piece together it's functionality once disassembled. after we put it back together again, my father tested it on the battery and discovered it was working again. he put it back outside and used it to water the lawn. the sound that it makes doesn't seem to be as loud as before, not sure why it stopped working previously, maybe some debris on the inside caused it to clog up. in any case, we have a backup pump if we ever need one.

my mother and i watched season 2 of ozark as we happen to be on the same episode. i had to watch it with the volume turned up higher to hear the dialogue, while my mother could follow it by reading the chinese subtitles.

my sister showed up in the late afternoon to make a mother's day dinner. we all had some of the newly made hot and sour soup, i even had two bowls. as to what my sister made for dinner, it wasn't anything special, i'd have preferred my mother's cooking.

so far 10 days into may, and all 10 days have made 30kWh+ production with the exception of the 1st. of those good days, 6 were above 40kWh+, and 2 50kWh+.

kevin started making dinner at 11pm, following some recipe video on his laptop. i asked him if he didn't have dinner yet, he said he was making food for tomorrow. he spent more than an hour in the kitchen. it was annoying, but it wasn't too bad, at least it smelled good.