i received a text from my roommate kevin this morning, letting me know he sent me next month's rent via paypal. he was supposed to pay yesterday but i hadn't gotten around to speaking to him about it yet. i was actually kind of annoyed that he would text me instead of just tell me in person, but at the same time he remembered to pay his rent without me having to remind me, so it wasn't all bad. last time it took exactly a week before the money went through; this time, i had it in my paypal account immediately, and made the transfer into my bank account when i logged into my laptop.

also this morning i found out that i am getting an economic impact payment after all. i've been checking the irs.gov site periodically last week, and each time it told me they either couldn't process my info just yet, or (worse) maybe i wasn't going to receive any payment. but today was different, after i put in my personal info, it said my check would be sent out next monday.

because i had too much ham, i made another ham & egg bagel sandwich for lunch, minus the avocado. it was still just as good, only maybe not as healthy without the avocado. i could probably "healthify" my sandwich with some other ingredients. how about some lettuce and tomato slices? like a burger. tomorrow maybe instead of a bagel i could make an ham & cheese omelette just to change it up a little bit.

it was raining all day, but i still went out to tag a pokestop (to earn my streak bonus) then visit the star market to get some coffee for my mother. i also got some almonds and bowtie pasta. they had a new sign at the entrance, that all customers had to wear a mask. just so happens that somerville will make it mandatory by wednesday for everyone to wear a mask when they're out in public.

sausage carbonara
(1 serving)

1 egg
handful parsley, chopped
1/2 cup parmesan, shredded
2 italian sausages
(made into meatballs)
ground pepper

1 cup pasta

mix egg, parsley, and cheese (set aside). cook pasta. squeeze sausages into tiny meatballs and roll in ground pepper then cook in oil. drain pasta, saving some water (1/2 cup). mix pasta with sausages and egg-parsley-cheese mixture. add pasta water if sauce too dry.

this was my first time making a carbonara, which is the easiest and simplest of pasta recipes, just 4 essential ingredients: egg, cheese, salted meat, pasta. the italian sausages were a little too salty, or maybe it was the 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese. i cooked up the entire package of sausages (1lbs. 6 links), figured it'd save me some time for leftovers. i didn't add any of the pasta water and i should've, the sauce was a little dry. i'll make it better tomorrow night.

i got in touch with SM tonight, wished her a happy birthday. we videochatted briefly, it's been a while, i almost couldn't remember how to do it in QQ. we spent most of that time talking coronavirus. she'd been at work since february, everyone is still wearing masks, restaurants and businesses have all opened up, hot pot and mahjong parlours are all to capacity. i told her we get enough cases and deaths in massachusetts in a single day that's more than they got in all of chongqing province. she told me her parents have retired, even though they're only in their 50's.

yes, i use a paywall bypass extension when i surf the web for news. i updated the one that i have - bypass-paywalls-chrome - but discovered it no longer supports bostonglobe.com in its latest version. i checked the development log and bostonglobe.com was removed just a few days ago, no reason given. was it because the globe complained? fortunately i know enough about github to download a slightly older version that still had globe support.