somehow i was expecting today to be a nice day, but kept hearing the drip drip patter of rain. i finally got out of bed by 10:30am and looked outside and realized it was raining. for lunch i made myself an egg & ham english muffin sandwich with pesto.

after lunch i went out for a walk. the combination of cold rain plus face mask made my glasses fog up so badly i couldn't see, so i decided instead to just go to star market to get some melba toast for my tabouli salad. everything seemed to be well stocked except the nut milk and juice shelves were still empty and there was still no toilet paper with the exception of single-ply scotties sold in single rolls.

back at home i had a long chat with kevin, basically asked him how he was doing, trying to gauge if he was getting any cabin fever from staying home for the past 6 weeks. he said he was fine, said he liked living here. he gave me an update on his office mates, said all their flights got cancelled and now they're hoping they can go back to china in june. that means kevin will most likely be around until then. to be honest, i've sort of gotten used to quarantine kevin at this point. true, he's always home, but what i lack in privacy in make up for in rent money, and now that jobs seem hard to come by, i'm glad to have that little bit of income. bills need to be paid, and kevin's paying them off for me!

my new pair of leather clarks arrived today, clarks cotrell walk bicycle toe shoes ($44.96) from shoes.com. i got them because i realized i didn't have a pair of high quality walking shoes other than my various converse sneakers and my merrell hiking shoes.

in the early evening i attended a webinar about foraging for wild edible plants. i completely forgot about it until maureen sent me e-mail with a note, and finally joined in 20 minutes late. i thought it was some kind of video conferencing but it was essentially watching a live slide show. afterwards there was a Q&A and there was a little text box i could write in to ask a question.

for dinner i had pasta with meat sauce. i sauteed some easter ham in a small pot before reheating the leftover sauce. i happened to have some fresh parsley which i also chopped up and added to the dish.