i don't go to the supermarkets and pharmacies often enough, but there always seems to be a new layer of coronavirus prevention equipment every time i do go. last time i was at walgreens, a lot of employees had gloves, and there was a sign ask people to stand 6ft apart. today when i went in the late morning to pick up two prescriptions, they now had multi-faceted plexiglass barricades by the cashiers (looked more like crime prevention than virus prevention) and the whole pharmacy area was tented off. they moved the credit card machine so they were on separate table and a pharmacist was busy wiping down the equipment. everyone wore masks including me, but our voices were muffled so there were a lot of repeated questions and answers. they had my thiazide but i'd have to come back monday afternoon to pick up the valsartan.

i didn't think it'd be possible to go to market basket since i heard reports of long lines as of early this morning (40 minute wait), but i went anyway, just to see for myself how long the line really was. i brought my grocery bags just in case. even as i was approaching i could already see the line snaking out the parking lot. that wasn't even the full extent of it, as the long was so long it wrapped back on itself. i counted, it must've been 50-60 customers deep, the wait time probably 2 hours. if i really want the market basket coronavirus pandemic experience, the proper time is early in the morning, after the senior shopping hour.

returning home, kevin was making lunch. i had some old deli turkey meat in the fridge that i wanted to try finishing; i think it was still edible, but there was a slightly off acrid taste, and i decided not to risk it. i bought the turkey the last time i went to market basket, more than 2 weeks ago, on the last day before the owners decided to limit the number of people who could go inside at any one time. i haven't been back since but i heard once you get inside the store it's relatively calm and empty. so instead of a turkey english muffin sandwich, i used some smoked ham and drizzled some french mustard on it. it was actually refreshing to eat something simple for lunch, after all the avocado-ham-egg bagel sandwiches i've been eating all this week.

my sister dropped by briefly to give me some salisbury steak she made. i'm not even sure how to eat it, and since i'll be eating at my parents' place over the weekend, most likely i'll need to freeze it and have it next week. i was going to give her the easter ham sequel so she could take to belmont but she drove off before i managed to get her attention.

i went out one more time to tag a poke gym, leaving behind an exeggutor. unlike yesterday, i wore a mask, just so i wouldn't get any stink eye from other masked individuals.

my pokemon go app wasn't working last night, and still wasn't working this morning. likewise, when i tried to post some cherry blossom photos on my wechat, it didn't seem to work, until i noticed none of the images from other people were loading either. at first i thought maybe because i got banned for discreetly bad-mouthing china's coronavirus response, or maybe because i had a foreign account. only this morning did i start to think maybe the two different apps malfunctioning was related, so i restarted my pixel phone, and both apps started working again. that was followed by my QQ app not working. not many people use QQ these days, but all the coworker friends i made in china, they're still on there, so it's my only link to them. i tried clearing the cache and trying to figure out if it's a setting issue. finally i erased the app and reinstalled it, which seemed to fix the problem. it's nice when things you expect to work actually work!

more bored than hungry, i ate the last of my maruchan instant noodles cup (chicken-flavor) in the afternoon, since i didn't eat very much for lunch. i got this (a 3-pak) from the dollar store a while back, i wonder if they still carry it. it's not the best instant cup of noodles, but it was a childhood staple so it's nostalgic food.

kevin went out for a rare grocery run. it's always so gut-wrenching as to how he decides, as he repeatedly looked out the window, trying to gauge if it was safe or not, all the while i've been out multiple times every single day that it hasn't been raining. his original purpose was to return all the greeting cards he bought for his girlfriend which now he's decided he won't be using anymore (maybe they broke up finally?), but i told him if he was already there, might as well get some groceries. he went into his room to don his PPE then left by 5:30pm. i immediately went to go use the bathroom, kevin leaving the house is my trigger. like all the times before, he was still for a while, didn't come back until an hour later with 4-5 bags of groceries. he couldn't even deal with the groceries right away, he quick walked to the kitchen to throw out his tainted PPE and wash his hands. i mean, if you're already wearing gloves, what's the point of washing your hands anyway? and before you put away the groceries? he's got his steps backwards.

kevin was soon making dinner (which is unusually, since if he makes lunch, he usually eats that for dinner as well), but stopped to ask if he could borrow the vacuum as he needed to clean his room again. i asked if he was finished cooking, seemed like he was waiting for his rice to be done, so i jumped in the kitchen while he vacuumed to start my own dinner. i was making pasta tonight, got some frozen ground beef from my sister on tuesday. i had plenty of other food to eat, but i needed to use up the meat before it went bad since i'd already thawed it out. regardless, i could always freeze the unused meat sauce.

i also did a load of laundry after i splattered some spaghetti sauce on my shirt. kevin washed his bath towel, probably finally noticed it smells awful. i asked him again why he doesn't wash his towels with his regular laundry, he said it's because his dirty socks. didn't explain why, i asked what about his dirty underwear, he mumbled something but didn't have a good answer. he's also afraid to touch the kitchen trash can, always opening it with the plastic foot pedal even though it's slightly broken. one time i saw him use him foot to close the lid. i asked him about it again tonight, and told him that yesterday i was cleaning the toilet and i had my hand (without glove) in the bowl cleaning it out with a sponge.

while i was finishing up making my pasta dinner, kevin made a fried rice with the ingredients he had. it actually looked good and i tasted a spoonful. a little sweet because of the reconstituted dehydrated carrots and the corn he added, could use some stronger seasoning, but not bad, and definitely healthy. also it gives him a way to use his dehydrated vegetables.

even though today was a cloudy day, we produced 47kWh of electricity, the 2nd highest this month. the graph was a series of ups and downs, but turns out we had more ups than downs, giving us some good production. regardless, april has been a week month so far, not many full-on sunny days.

i ate my pasta while watching the martian on FX. afterwards i spooned the leftover meat sauce into two containers and put them in the freezer. that's when i noticed kevin had put a gallon container of milk in the freezer. why was he freezing milk? he must have his reasons. but because the container was on its side, it was dripping and forming a frozen milk sculpture. i informed kevin, who told me he put the milk in the freezer because there wasn't enough room in the fridge. he figured the milk wouldn't freeze that fast and he'd take it out by morning. i didn't care that he was freezing milk, but it was dripping out. we ended up making some room in the fridge.