i fell asleep last night around 3am, woke up this morning at 10:30am. the most exciting thing that happened all day was going to the supermarket after lunch, both the star market on beacon and the star market in porter square, in search of easter ham, the last day they were on sale. there were only a handful of people at the beacon store but they were all out of ham. out of curiosity i checked the toilet paper aisle, which was entirely empty, save some off-brand kitchen paper towel and dinner napkins. i left with some classico tomato sauce and red seedless grapes; the grapes i thought were on sale but i ended up paying full price $2.99/lbs.

i'd wanted to go to the porter square star market yesterday, didn't think i'd get my chance today. unlike the beacon street store, there was a line about 8-9 people long. the parking lot was mostly empty, cars naturally spacing themselves a good distance from neighboring cars. i didn't have to wait long, maybe about 5 minutes. there were a few people who weren't wearing masks but they were the minority, and all were young. they had plenty of ham, i picked the biggest one i could find. i also checked out the toilet paper aisle, only single-ply single rolls of scottie were available, but there was plenty of table napkins. a homeless couple were eyeballing my ham, the woman said it looked like i was carrying a loaf of bread.

i keep on checking the toilet paper because we're down to our penultimate roll. kevin seems to think there's an inexhaustible supply of toilet paper and paper towels in the house, i don't think he's ever bought either of those household staples before, even though he seems to use a lot of it. if i lived alone, i could make a single roll last 3-4 weeks. but with kevin living here, a single roll lasts about 10 days. not that he uses too much, but there are always drips of urine on the seat or the rim or on the floor i'm constantly having to clean up. it makes me anxious running this close to empty, knowing that i may not be able to get anymore. thankfully, i prefer the market basket store brand toilet paper, so hopefully they'd have that in stock when all the name brands are gone. they carry two kind, regular and premium, i only use the premium. of course this all stipulates on me going down to market basket, something i've yet have the courage to do. worse case scenario my mother said they have plenty at their house, but i don't like whatever brand they have, i prefer my own MB premium if i can find some.

soon after i came home i was out again for the third time. this time i didn't bother wearing a mask, i was visiting a nearby pokemon go gym to leave behind a pokemon so i could potentially earn 50 coins. i also checked out some "store closed"" signs and a pink weeping cherry tree.

yesterday it was cleaning/disinfecting the bathroom; today i vacuumed the house. these are things i'd normally do when kevin is off at work, but this being the 5th week he's been at home, i had no choice but to do it while he was home. i did warn him though, but he didn't seem to be mind; he thinks my house is already plenty filthy given how he vacuums his own room weekly, so he's probably anytime i'm cleaning.