10:30am is my new wake up time. that's also because i've been going to bed relatively late again, around 2:30am. kevin was in his room with the door open, but seemed to be reading in bed. the bathroom door was opened again, that seems to be a habit with him, like he's trying to air out the facility, when it fact what stinks the most about the bathroom is his dirty wet bath towel. i fed my fish, went to the living room to open the blinds, turned on my laptop and checked e-mail and the web for a few minutes, before using the bathroom and taking a shower. by the time i was finished, it was already 11am.

kevin also has another new habit these days where he seems to be taking intermittent naps through the day: first one around 11am, then another in the afternoon around 2pm. he really should be going out more, but not today, when it's a rainy and very windy (70mph 60mph) day. he does chat with some people online, so he's not entirely isolated, but his self-imposed jail sentence is entirely self-imposed. today marks week 5 since kevin has been "working" from home. say what you will, but the weeks seem to go by pretty fast.

when i first heard of the HBO series the plot against america - a what-if historical drama that imagines if known anti-semite, racist and nazi sympathizer charles lindbergh had been elected president in the 40's - i was immediately sold on the show. when i heard it was based off on a book, i tracked it down and uploaded it to my phone. unfortunately i couldn't read fast enough, and got barely beyond a chapter before the actual show started and i began watching instead of reading. it's a great series - just 6 episodes - but difficult to watch based on how topical it is to the current administration. i watched it in pieces, a few minutes at a time, to gather myself. it's an important series and everyone should watch it, but i'm afraid in these polarizing times, it will find a limited audience. besides, during the coronavirus quarantine, people don't exactly flock to shows that makes them even more scared and worried about their future.

kevin woke up around 11:30am and microwaved some broccoli. i thought it was a part of a larger meal, but turns out that was his entire lunch. maybe he microwaved some leftovers as well, i probably didn't see it. as for me, as noontime approached, i made another avocado-egg-ham bagel sandwich. this is the last of my avocados, and it's gone partially bad, dark on the outside, but still green in the center. there was also a bit of mold which i spooned off. afterwards i waited to see if eating a bad avocado would have any adverse digestion effects.

i snacked a bit in the afternoon, including a can of corn and some pretzel crisps. canned corn brings back memories, it was a childhood staple when i was home alone and didn't have anything else to eat. it doesn't require any cooking and can be stored for a while. i'm more used to these smaller 8 oz. container of corn, but these 16 oz. cans were on sale a few weeks ago at star market so i stocked up.

for dinner i just had some cold easter ham and scallion pancakes. i was waiting for the latest episode of the plot against america to air on HBO so i could download it, but totally forgot that better call saul was also on. i also watched an episode of battlestar galactica, broadcasting on comet tv.

kevin went to bed early, around 10:30pm. i think he's going to try an early morning grocery run, thinking that there will be less people.

sad news tonight, bernie rubin of bernie & phyl furnitures passed away today from coronavirus complications. he was 82 years old.