from the moment i woke up at 10am this morning i was trying to fix my sister's internet connection which went down again. it was fine all of yesterday during all that torrential rain and wind, but on the day after when everything was calm that's when they lost their internet. it wasn't just slow this time, it completely offline, and the cablemodem was flashing strange lights. this was bad news good news at the same time: bad news because now they lost internet completely, but good news because the modem was behaving how a modem should behave when it loses connection. this was a comcast/xfinity issue through and through. we had an outside line appointment for thursday-friday but nobody showed up (not blaming them, it was raining the past 2 days).

so i contacted comcast again to set up a 3rd appointment this week. i wasn't able to call in and the automated system actually hung up on me after i went through the phone tree. i tried the online chat and was able to get someone, a woman name shiwani. she was very nice but not very helpful. she scheduled an outside line appointment for tomorrow, but i doubt they'll come. i then tried calling again, this time they made me reset the modem, which i've done in the past, this was just a formality, and not much good it'll do if they can't see see the modem. if that didn't work, they would call me afterwards. by that point my sister left the house, stranding the upstairs tenants with no internet. figuring i could better troubleshoot the problem at her place then doing it remotely, i packed up my laptop and biked over to my sister's place.

i tried connecting to the wifi but it threw me into a comcast/xfinity captive portal page asking for the username and password of the account. this was something new. when they issued the reset it must've knocked the modem out of their database. i inputted the necessary info and seconds later i was back online. for the time being at least, the internet was working again. glad i paid a house visit, otherwise everyone would've had to spend the weekend without wifi when it was an easy fix. i ran a few speed tests, it gave me 100Mbps speed. i even went upstairs and told one of the tenants that the internet was working again. he didn't seem too concerned, cooking lunch in the kitchen in his pajamas with his noise-cancelling headphones on.

i returned home by 12:45pm, by then kevin had already finished making lunch, a pile of unwashed pots and plates on the stove and in the sink. he came out briefly and told me he'd wash them, but while i was making another omelette for lunch, i ended up washing everything out of habit, couldn't stand having a messy kitchen.

in the afternoon it was so bright and sunny i was tempted to go outside, maybe look for some flowering cherries. but i ended up staying indoors, figured i could do all that during the weekday when they'd be less people out. instead i watched a few episode of season 3 of future man. i'm really amazed it made it all the way to season 3 (the final season), since none of it is as good as the first season.

around 7pm i got a little tired and decided to go to my bedroom and maybe take a short one hour nap. it was still light outside. i couldn't fall asleep as i heard kevin reheating his dinner in the kitchen. instead i just rested, and got out of bed by 8pm, by then it was already dark outside.

production only really picked up in the later half of the day, but it made some amazing numbers, reaching as high as 8.07kW, breaking our theoretical ceiling. it's time for april to show us what it can do with some optimal sunshine.

i wanted to use up the last of my diced ham before it goes bad, and i didn't want to eat another omelette, so instead i just heated up a can of campbell gumbo soup and added the diced ham. it was okay, the added protein kept me from getting hungry again the rest of the night (which sometimes can happen when i just have canned soup for dinner).