i woke up at 5:30am to see the stars. actually, the planets, in an encore conjunction that i got up and almost witnessed last month, were it not for the fact that i arrvied too late and witnessed the sunrise instead. saturn, jupiter, mars, and the moon were all in close proximity to each other. there was also pluto at magnitude +14.63, but the naked eye can only resolve a magnitude 8 in pitch darkness, which was not the case observing from light polluted camberville. it was underwhelming to say the least, and after snapping a few photos with both my phone and camera, i returned home.

i knew there was a risk i wouldn't be able to fall back asleep, and sure enough, it happened. i surfed the web on my phone for an hour before forcing myself to try and sleep. i finally decided to wake up by 9:30am, after checking my parents' webcams and seeing that the heating oil guy came in the middle of the night, and like before, he spilled again, though this time he did come back with some paper towels to clean it up. kevin was in the kitchen making a breakfast sandwich with the lights on. i went into the bathroom and found the carpet completely soaked after kevin took a shower this morning.

i had a 10:30am phone call with a predict 2 nutritionist, a call that i thought was tomorrow, before the app sent me a notification telling me otherwise. fortunately i was prepared, having written down a list of questions. the young woman i spoke to was british (calling from the UK). she seemed nice, but the information she needed to convey to me seemed rehearsed, and i had to interrupt her a few times so i could ask my questions. one important thing that changed was the lab in charge of analyzing the saliva and stool sample were closing their doors for the time being after friday, so the samples had to get there by friday.

after the phone call i packaged up the samples and rode down to the porter square post office to hand deliver it. only later in the afternoon did i realize the box also needed a new shipping label (the e-mail arrived too late), one with priority express delivery for tomorrow. i got in touch with my nutritionist, we're both hoping it'll get there by friday.

once i returned home, i left my bike behind and walked down to walgreens to pick up the 3 prescriptions i refilled over the web yesterday. it was also an excuse to visit pokestops. i briefly went inside dollar tree looking for dish soap but they were all out save for the very generic brand. i also picked up some almonds and pistachios from the pharmacy, as well as a bottle of centrum multi-vitamins (130 tablets for $10.49). coming back, i took the long way home, didn't want to get back just yet with kevin forever occupying the house. i stopped to take over a pokemon gym, took some spring sign photos, then walked all the way to my community garden to get some snapshots before finally returning home after noontime.

kevin decided to do his grocery shopping using instacart, and wanted to ask me if the prices he saw on their website were any good. i lightly chastised him for ordering food online when we live across the street from the star market, and i've already visited the supermarkets a few times this week. if he's afraid of outside germs from the supermarkets getting inside the house, i'm afraid he's already too late. but i've learned long ago that it's hard to sway the opinions of millennials, that they think they know better than you despite not having nearly as much life experiences. he ended up buying $70 worth of groceries, but paid $85 after fees. his order came quick, less than 2 hours after he made it. i saw a brazilian woman walking up the front steps, and at first i thought maybe she was steve's cleaning lady, but when she knocked on my door and i saw her bringing bags of groceries from her car, i realized it was kevin's order. they were market basket bags, so this instacart woman simply went down to the nearby MB to get everything, nothing magical. kevin brought his groceries into the kitchen to unpack. he purchased the weirdest things, including 15 lbs. worth of potatoes, which will probably go bad before he can finish them all. afraid there might be germs on his food, his took out his spray bottle filled with green rubbing alcohol and sprayed everything first. like the moron that he is, he also sprayed the receipt, which quickly deteriorated before his eyes. he did manage to see the actual price of his purchase though: $60.

later he came into the living room to tell me he thought he got ripped off. (no duh). he was under the impression he was paying for $70 worth of groceries when the actual cost was just $60. the woman probably made a mistake by leaving behind the receipt. plus he paid a $15 service charge on top of that, so essentially he overpaid $25 for $60 worth of groceries (30% markup even though he calculated closer to 40%). that's $25 worth of groceries he won't be able to buy because he was too chickenshit to visit a supermarket. i don't need to be an astrophysicist to tell him online grocery shopping wasn't going to be a bargain. plus, they forgot two bundles of celery he'd ordered. all this could've been avoided if he just had an ounce of courage to walk across the street and buy directly from a supermarket.

the amount of food he bought is a little scary. he wanted to put the potatoes outside on the backyard deck so they wouldn't spoil (even though it'd be exposed to the sun all day), but i told him rats and other critters would get to it. so now the kitchen table is stacked with his food, like some survivalist hoard. he's got enough to last him 2 months, he never has to set foot outside until may. that's a frightening thought.

soon afterwards more packages arrived on the doorstep. "kevin, you got more deliveries!" i yelled through his bedroom door. he bought some more stuff off of amazon, but also helped his coworker friend to get some stuff as well, because she doesn't have an american credit card. it was her yesterday who stopped by, wanted to borrow the office key (she's just a visiting scholar, so she doesn't have the same acccess kevin does). she's also the one who's been asking around for places to stay because she doesn't want to go back to china immediately because she wanted to wait out the manatory 14-day quarantine for all new arrivals. but kevin came out to ask me how to figure out the taxes on the order. i told him food and clothing weren't taxed in MA, he still didn't seem to understand, but after 15 minutes of playing around with the numbers on his computer in the living room, he finally figured it out.

this morning i noticed once again kevin had changed the dish washing sponge without asking me first. this was a brand new sponge, replaced just 2 weeks ago. i fished it out of the trash can and put it back near the sink. later when i told him about it, he had a look of disgust. "you took it out of the trash?" i told him normally i use a sponge for a month or two before changing it. he said sponges are the dirtiest things in the house, with more germs than the toilet. he said he'd just use the cheap dollar store sponge he bought a while back, but i told him those would scratch up my pots and pans (which are already plenty scratched up thanks to him). in the end i swapped in a new sponge, because i could see there was no way he was using the old sponge even though it was still nearly brand new, just because it's been in the trash. this is a guy who didn't want to wash his bath towel one time while he was doing laundry because he was also washing his socks, yet the towel itself reeks of body odor because he never washes it. for a guy who seems to be deathly afraid of germs, why would he frequently urinate all over the bathroom floor? although after i started layering paper towels around the toilet, it's gotten better, because you can see right away when there's pee.

there was also a point where i used some foaming bleach to clean the caulk around the bathroom sink and the bathtub. he went into the bathroom afterwards and asked if i was disinfecting. i said no, i was just washing off some mildew, he said he didn't mind the smell, he actually liked it.

my father has been repeatedly forwarding me youtube clips of nanoVNA, an antenna analyzing device that i didn't know existed until last night. it seems to be able to do a lot of things, including SWR analysis over a range of frequencies, not just one. i went online to look for prices. it can be purchased for as low as $40 off of ebay, and all US stock. but for $10 more you can get one with an enclosure, which makes it look more like a commercial device and not a DIY hack. after calling him up to confirm, i ended up buying one with a shell for my father at $54, $57 after taxes. it's due to arrive early next week.

feel drowsy around 4:30pm, i decided to swallow my distaste for naps and go into my bedroom to sleep for a while, since i woke up so early this morning. i didn't get up until almost 7pm, finally managed to fall asleep.

we had another sunny day today, with temperature in the lower 50's. i saw plenty of people outside jogging and riding bikes, anything to get out of the house and get some exercise.

i just had a yogurt today for lunch, a lack of food imagination. i knew i'd be hungry, so a short time later i had some pita bread with tzatziki as well as a honeycrisp apple. the lack of imagination continued well into the evening, when i heated up a can of soup and then had some orange slices. i didn't see kevin having any dinner, maybe he ate while i was still asleep.