all that hard won establishment of a some semblance of a morning routine after many months went out the window after the change to daylight saving time this past weekend. kevin seems to be waking up later, to the point where i'm already up with my laptop in the living by the time he leaves around 10am.

i ate the last of my chicken sausage with oatmeal for lunch, followed by a leftover muffin later in the afternoon.

i was a little lost today. i felt like i was supposed to do something but couldn't remember what. so i decided to make a grocery run, even though i had enough to eat in the house for the next 2 weeks. i was surprised by how warm it was, temperature around 67°F. i stopped by the UPS store first to return the unused ferrite cores. i bought a few cans of soup, some popcorners, a container of crumbled goat cheese, and a bag of frozen spinach. once i got back, i opened up all the windows to air out the house.

the big news today was harvard canceling all classes for the remaining semester due to the coronavirus and asking students to take their courses online. later in the afternoon governor baker announced a state of emergency for massachusetts, followed by news that MIT was following suit and canceling all its classes a well.

kevin came home at 6pm and immediately broke the news to me that the harvard smithsonian astrophysics center has asked all non-essential personnel (including graduate students) to work from home for the foreseeable future. kevin told me he'll begin working from home within the next few days. i was afraid this might happen, but had convinced myself it was impossible. now i can look forward to seeing kevin every day, 24/7. i think he'd be safer if he worked from his empty office. especially if i somehow got sick. *cough cough*

for dinner i made myself 2 reuben sandwiches with the leftover ingredients from yesterday. i warmed up the corned beef in a small pot over the stove, added some hot water to steam heat it. two sandwiches was really too much, and i ended up leaving a quarter unfinished because i simply couldn't eat anymore. later in the evening i did finally finish the last of the sandwich.