by the time i finally got out of bed by 10am, kevin was still home, though about to leave, just putting on his shoes in the foyer. i've had enough fridays to know that he tends to go to work late on these days, so it wasn't a surprise. after he left i went to the bathroom to inspect the mess he left behind. for some reason there was so much water on the floor today. at least i thought it was water, but some of it was also urine (from the smell), so i ended up having to clean up everything, scrubbing bleach between the tile grouts, disinfecting the toilet bowl, wiping everything done so i couldn't smell the urine anymore. it made me so angry i laid down paper towels around the toilet seat so when he comes back tonight he'll definitely notice it.

after some chicken sausage oatmeal in the early afternoon for lunch, i biked to the cafe to drop off the 4.5A power supply for my father. my mother gave me a container of pad thai for dinner. instead of returning home, i headed to the memorial drive trader joe's, to pick up some incan corn snacks. besides the supply run, besides a chance to ride the bike, this trip also allowed me to stock up on poke balls by visiting poke stops. but as much as i collected, i also used up just as fast capturing new pokemons. the memorial drive trader joe's seems to be the only place that carries the incan corn, as the allston store doesn't. i also bought some wasabi seaweed snacks and rice crackers.

i returned home by 3:30pm, cutting across harvard square and the science center courtyard.

i finally finished watching chongqing hotpot (2016), the sichuan-language bank heist film that takes place in chongqing. the city itself is so distinctive it's its own character almost; a chongqing bridge always seems to be in the background somewhere. as much as i love the scenery, and the language, and the nostalgia, the story itself has several plot holes. one thing that really bugs me is the lone female character speaks in mandarin, but whenever she's eating hot pot with the guys, she uses sichuan dialect even though they never explain why. my personal theory those hot pot scenes were filmed earlier, before they decided to make her character speak only mandarin.

today was the least amount of production we made this month for march, but at 26.46kWh it still wasn't bad considering how cloudy it got in the afternoon. it's even supposed to snow a little bit late tonight, but the forecast doesn't seem like it'll be enough worth plowing. besides, the temperature tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the mid-40's, so every will melt anyway.

when my parents returned home my father and i tested the TYT radios with him using the 4.5A power supply i returned to him earlier today. at first we thought the cloudy weather might inhibit transmission, but we were able to replicate what we did yesterday, direct radio-to-radio tranmission, my TYT on low power (8W), his TYT on medium1 (20W). strangely enough, i was able to receive his transmissions with my boafeng using the stock antenna; he could broadcast on low power, i could still receive it with the baofeng, just with a lot of background noise, even though i couldn't get anything with the TYT. i think it may be a squelch issue, i might have it turned on too high on the TYT. the only thing he couldn't do was broadcast at high power since the power supply can't support that load, but medium1 (20W) is good enough. something i noticed while we were talking: i could occasionally hear my father even though i was transmitting. i thought nothing of it at the time, but this means the TYT 9800 operates at duplex (at least in single receive mode), indicating we can both talk and receive at the same time, no need to wait for the other person to stop transmitting.

for dinner i reheated the pad thai i got from the cafe earlier. i had some orange slices afterwards. watching the news, just last week we had 9 coronavirus cases; today that number is up to 267 cases.

kevin came home at 7:40pm. he was back so late because he attended an astrophysics social event. there were free food but all the drinks were alcoholic and you had to pay (kevin doesn't drink). i wanted to bring up the bathroom pee situation but i couldn't bare to bring it up. hopefully he notices all the paper towels around the toilet. maybe it made a difference, because there was no pee tonight. later in the evening he came out to talk to me about the latest coronavirus news. he seems really concerned, and earlier i noticed he had some canned vegetables in the refrigerator (i should tell him unopened canned goods don't need to be refrigerated). he also told me he bought some more face masks from amazon, but they won't arrive until april.