this morning i heard the news of bloomberg's withdrawal from the presidential race. from one of the talking heads last night i agree that bloomberg was the backup democratic presidential candidate in case biden wasn't viable. but once biden killed it on super tuesday, bloomberg was no longer needed. now that's left is elizabeth warren. will she endorse biden or sanders once she eventually drops out?

my father came by in the late morning to pick up the baofeng amplifier on his way to get an oil change for the toyota. i also gave him the two boxes of green mountain i got for my mother on monday.

i called cheapoair today to see if i could change the time on my 2nd aunt's end of march flight to taiwan and back. that ticket was booked before my grandmother took ill and my aunt had to leave the next day. worst case scenario there's nothing we can do about it and just count it as a loss, but i was hoping with all the coronavirus scare with asia travels, that maybe air canada will forgo the ticket change fee. i called cheapoair, got an operator right away, but after hearing what i wanted, he put me on hold ("just a minute or two") and i ended up waiting 15 minutes before finally hanging up. then i tried air canada: after going through the automated phone tree, i was told the wait time would be over an hour. airlines are going crazy trying to accomodate the mess it's made to their schedules due to all the different travel bans. i'll try again tomorrow.

i went to the dollar store in the afternoon to check if they had anymore hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol for my mother and sister. i knew the answer already and wasn't surprised to find the shelves empty. they still had some bottles of alcohol, but just at 50% concentration, which isn't strong enough to kill the coronavirus. i left with some snacks, tagging some poke stops on my way back to stock up on poke balls.

the mi fitness band screen protectors arrived today (5 for $3.39 from hong kong). i had a feeling they weren't glass and finally confirmed my suspicion, clear plastic with a black border. it didn't come with any cleaning pads so i used a lens cloth to wipe down the fitness tracker then a piece of tape to suck up any remaining bits of dust. the protectors were kind of cheaply made, and i had a hard time peeling off the backing. when i finally applied the protector, it fit well, but i managed to get a lot of bubbles trapped underneath. later i fixed it by gently lifting up the sticker and pushing out the trapped air. to be honest, the mi band 4 probably doesn't need a protector, the glass itself is made from some very durable material; i've managed to put scratches along the plastic edges of the tracker but the screen remains scratch-free. nevertheless, it's just an extra layer of protection, and once the bubbles were gone, i couldn't tell there was a screen protector.

i bought a 3-pack of chicken-flavored maruchan instant cup of noodles from the dollar store and broke one out later in the afternoon as a snack. when i was a kid, these were my go-to meals when i couldn't find anything else to eat in the house. i remember my parents would buy a whole box of them from BJ wholesales. as far as instant noodles' concerned, these are as basic as it gets. although it's chicken-flavored, i couldn't really taste any chicken, and i'm sure most of that stuff is artificial preservatives and flavors. it was a bit of nostalgia; unfortunately i left it soaking in the hot water for too long (while applying the screen protector), and when i finally did eat it, the noodles were a little soggy.

kevin came home by 6pm, but ever since he came back around 2-3pm last week, i now think he could do the same again at any time, so after 2pm i'm already anticipating his return. once again he didn't cook tonight, just microwaved some dinner and spent most of the evening in his room. as for me, i warmed up a container of left rice and beans. it was this formless sludge, i ate as much as i could before throwing out the rest. i still have two more containers of it in the fridge, for tomorrow and friday. rice and beans just don't work very well as leftovers since the rice absorbs all the liquids, you're left with this blob of starch.

before i started cooking though, i ended up spending 20 minutes cleaning the stovetop. kevin when he cooks often times he'll just leave the pots simmering until they overflow. not only does it leave a mess on the cooktop, but also the burners as well, as my once spotless parts are now caked in burnt liquids. i removed the whole stainless stove top, reapplied the aluminum foil cover, and uninstalled two of the burners so i could scrub them clean in the sink with a brillo pad.

today's production was very strange. at one point it peaked to 8.29kW, which is impossible since the maximum we can ever generate is 8.04kW based on the number of panels. it just shows that the daily graph itself is not very accurate, especially when it's fluctuating from very sunny to very cloudy all day long. we made 27.24kWh, which is good enough give the cloudy conditions. tomorrow looks to be a cloud-free day, i expect to see 40kWh+.