i ate half the leftover mexican chicken tacos from yesterday before riding down to market basket in the early afternoon to get some groceries. it was warm, temperature in the 50's, felt more spring than winter.

the frequency of US coronavirus news has increased, which has spurred some people to begin hoarding supplies. i didn't check the milk or bread aisles (those shelves are usually first to empty), but for some reason people have been stocking up on canned beans, black beans in particular. i'm planning on making a chicken and rice and beans dish this week for dinner, i ended up going with some black-eyed beans. instead of chicken breast, i'm trying some chicken gizzards instead. while checking out i bumped into jen in the next aisle. she looked familiar but i didn't think it was her until she turned around and recognized me. she was buying a lot of stuff, nearly $300 worth of groceries, getting ready to hunker down. i myself bought more than usual as well, spending $40 (typically in a week i spend just $20 on food).

afterwards i went to star market to pick up some clementines and green mountain coffee that were on sale. everything seemed calm there, except the barilla pasta aisle was half empty, like somebody was stocking up on spaghetti noodles.

my sister's godmother had her assisted housing interview today; she cut short her taiwan vacation just to attend this meeting. but when she got there, they told her they called her to schedule, but couldn't get in touch with her. in any case, there's no new interview scheduled, so who knows what's going on now.

amy klobuchar dropped out of the race today, lending her support to the biden campaign. now besides biden and sanders, there's just bloomberg and warren left. bloomberg might possibly make a dent, but warren has no shot. i expect her to bow out after super tuesday.

in the evening i ate the rest of the leftover tacos. i also had some clementine oranges and a small slice of new york style cheesecake.

i was expecting to see kevin home early again like most of last week, but he didn't get back until 7pm. he threw something in the microwave, ate, but didn't come out to cook. later in the evening before he went to bed, he asked me if we should begin stocking up on emergency supplies in anticipation of the coronavirus outbreak that will be sure to arrive. i laughed it off, said we weren't there yet, but told him if he wanted to he could start preparing.