as far as bathroom etiquettes go, kevin is the worst roommate by far. i put back the toilet paper stand last night, because leaving a roll on the windowsill makes the TP feel damp and cold. it's been almost a week where he hasn't peed on the walls, so i thought perhaps he learned his lesson and we were safe. little did i know, this morning i noticed the tiles were wet again. and when i lifted up the bottom of the stand, it was dripping with urine. after cleaning everything up again for the nth time, once more i had to remove the stand. he and i need to have another talk.

my parents were supposed to go on a costco supply run, and i would've gone with them except my father decided he didn't want to go, so my sister took my mother along with her godmother this morning. when i got to belmont by around noontime, my mother was already back. she bought a mexico taco platter and i made myself 4 soft shell barbecue chicken tacos for lunch. my sister had also brought some stuff from mike's pastries.

my mother was complaining about no good shows on netflix (she'd already seen most of them) so i forced her to watch outlander, 3 seasons of which are available. she complained that there was no chinese subtitle (usually only netflix-produced shows/movies have chinese subtitles, outlander is a starz production) but to our surprise, chinese text popped up when we streamed the first episode. is this something netflix is doing behind the scenes, adding more different language subtitles to their shows? i welcome this news. out of all the streaming platforms, netflix is the only one with multi-language subtitle support. not even amazon prime - which offers multi-language subtitles in other countries - just not in the US, where the option is always english. my mother ended up really enjoying the show, even though she's had seen the first season in the past.

i switched the launcher on my father's G7 from the moto launcher to nova launcher. nova is well known for their myriad of customization options, which can be daunting initially. even now, i still discover new things when i dig in the settings. like how i found out recently you can have multiple dock pages: so now i have a regular dock (camera, photos, chrome, messages, phone) and a social media dock (line, whatsapp, wechat, qq, skype). it's a great way to organize apps you use most often, and that was one of the main reasons to switch my father to this launcher.

pete buttigieg dropped out of presidential race today. he was the candidate i was most likely voting for on super tuesday. not that i thought he had a chance of winning, especially now that it looks to be a two person race between biden and sanders, but of all the candidates remaining, he seemed to me the most qualified to be president.

so now i don't know who to vote for. it's essentially down to 3 choices for me: biden, sanders, warren. warren's got no chance either, and the fact that she jumped into the presidential race so soon after just winning her senate race still rankles me. but how often can you say you voted for someone for president who lives just a few blocks away from you? a vote for biden means a vote for the status quo. yes, having a democrat in the white house would be better than a republican, but i wouldn't expect to see much change under a biden presidency, just more stability. sanders would definitely shake things up. checking my notes, i was surprised i actually voted for bernie back during the 2016 primary, only because hillary clinton was such a sure thing, i did it as a protest. plus having gone to his rally on saturday, i like the things he said, though not sure how many of those promises he can keep. the problem is his supporters. i don't doubt their excitement over sanders, but they can be sanctimonious and annoying. would they really not vote for anybody else except bernie? what about the big picture, to defeat trump? which makes me think biden is more of a coalition candidate, despite his faults.

* new USB-C to USB-A cables

* pasta makes me gassy

* saving old voicemails by exporting them to my google drive account

* "deactivating" notch on google pixel 3XL phone

japanese movie "first love"

* kevin stirfrying at 10pm, filling house with smoke smell

so i've had the google pixel 3XL for a little over 2 weeks now. here are some more observations:

* i'm more wary of the fabric case when it comes to keeping it clean. i feel like it's a lot easier to stain, and a lot harder to clean, compared to the simple black rubber case i had before, which i could simply wash under the faucet and quickly dry with a paper towel. it feels a little better in the hand though, compared to the rubber, which felt synthetic and sticky. the one thing about the case i like better than the rubber case is the buttons are a lot easier to click. on the rubber case it took a lot more force to press the buttons. i've said this before, the grey fabric case is also easier to find, dosesn't disappear like an all black case.

* smart lock still doesn't work all the day, but better than what it was before, when it never engaged. now it will work sporadically. it's not too big a deal because the fingerprint sensor is fast enough but it does involve reaching underneath the phone, which can be a hassle when i'm at home and the phone is just sitting on a table. there's also the pin code entry, but that takes longer than fingerprint unlocking.