i've always hated undecided voters. how can you not know who you want to vote for? but it seems like i'm one of those undeciders now. it's not so much i can't decide who i like, it's more of i really don't like any of the democratic candidates, at least not anyone i fell in love with like i did for obama. bernie sanders seems to be the frontrunner, with the general consensus that the moderate vote seems to be splint amongst a few other candidates, allowing sanders to pull ahead based on his core group of rabid supporters. it seems akin to what happened with trump, that the extreme candidate ended up winning because the moderates squabbled amongst themselves until none was left.

biden was the default choice early on, but he came into the race later than most other candidates, almost if he thought he would naturally get the nomination, based on all the poll numbers. even though biden is younger than sanders, biden seems to have more senior moments, and a tendency for incoherency that i find troubling. i love elizabeth warren, but this kind of naked ambition for the presidency is unbecoming of her. the fact that the moment she was reelected for senate she started campaigning for the presidency is not a good look. she'd make a good treasury czar, but not president.

i briefly thought i'd vote for bloomberg, but i'm not sure if we need another new york billionaire to helm the white house, one is enough. besides, if only billionaires can win the presidency, what chances are there for future candidates? i also like tom steyer. i don't know much about him from the commercials he peppered on the airwaves (before bloomberg hijacked all the ads for himself with his 400+ million war chest), but he seems like a good guy and i like his sensible trump attack strategies. i just don't think people know him that well. finally there's pete, whom i'll probably vote for, despite his poll numbers, despite his initial strong performances in iowa and new hampshire. buttigieg seemed to have gotten lost in the news cycle, with attacks on sanders seem to be the dominant political news. maybe it's the lack of money to get out there and sway voters, but the news have been eerily silent on buttigieg.

we made 30.89kWh today, less than 1kWh short of setting a monthly production record. still, impressive production give how cloudy it was today. it's getting to the point that unless it's completely overcast, the panels can still generate plenty of electricity even with thick puffy clouds.

first half of february was lacking; second half was better. but overall it wasn't very good, despite the lack of snow all this month. we did hit the 40kWh+ mark a lot earlier than last year, midway in the month.

we were off from beating february 2019's record by less than 1kWh. but regardless, february 2019 was still the better month, as it managed to make 656kWh in 28 days, while february 2020 we made 655kWh in 29 days.

last month - with my parents gone for most of january - they paid $29.40. this month - shortened and with them here for all of february - they paid $41.02. hopefully by march they will start producing a surplus again and start putting back money into their electricity utility credit.